When planning to have a safari in Rwanda it’s better you consider how to travel upon your arrival at Kigali Airport. In the process of booking for a tour, it’s advisable to book with the best car rental company in Rwanda. Kigali Airport is gloriously renovated glory since it’s ever-expanding and becoming one of the areas where to spend a stopover in Kigali for many Airlines. Know about the areas where to spend a stopover in Kigali.

The Bourbon Coffee has desired many to become the best stopover. The Airport was luckily located right in the city. The best advantageous, even though the Kigali tour is not on the list you able to explore since it’s a center for many destinations. Immediately from the Kigali International Airport, there are several local restaurants, cafés, museums, and art galleries. 4X4 car rental Rwanda has listed some sites that you may prefer to spend your stopover.

Nyamirambo neighborhood and Gaddafi Mosque

This stopover takes approximately 10hours. Kigali’s best city tour company, Go Kigali, is the ultimate option for a ten-hour stopover. Fortunately, you can spend up to 6-7 hours zooming bustling city accompanied by 4×4 car rental Rwanda Experienced Drivers. The visit starts from the colorful Nyamirambo neighborhood to see a traditional milk bar and the famous Gaddafi Mosque. Later, head to Kimisagara for a filling and Rwandan cuisine. This comes along with a dessert.  Finally, a tour of the local market and local fruit tasting.

Kigali Memorial Site.

The stopover takes about 7hours. It enables the analysis and remembering the tragic Rwandan Genocide against the Tutsi. The memorial site is surrounded by flowers and a gut-wrenching display of photographs and varying exhibits. The museum is open to all the nationals and non-nationals and donations are optional. You understand a bit of the Rwanda history in the past years. Then head to the Inema Art Center for the different handcrafts and own some as a souvenir.

Marriott Hotel

To taste Kigali life takes about 14hours in Marriot Hotel. However, there are now many hotels that have come up such as  Hotel des Mille Collines and many more.  For an excellent Kigali tour, vibrant neighbors its better to opt for Marriot. At the same take a laze at the pool. It is truly a calming and warming experience to visit Rwanda.

Areas where to spend a stopover in Kigali