Areas where to spend a layover in Kigali.

21 Feb
layover in Kigali.

Areas where to spend a layover in Kigali.

When planning to have a safari in Rwanda it’s better you consider how to travel upon your arrival at Kigali Airport. In the process of booking for a tour, it’s advisable to book the best car rental company 4×4 car rental in Rwanda. Kigali Airport is gloriously renovated glory since it’s ever-expanding and becoming one of the areas where to spend a layover in Kigali for many Airlines. The Bourbon Coffee has desired many to become the best layover. The Airport was luckily located right in the city. The best advantageous, even though the Kigali tour is not on the list you able to explore since it’s a center for many destinations. Immediately from the Kigali International Airport, there are several local restaurants, cafés, museums, and art galleries. 4X4 ca rental Rwanda has listed some sites that you may prefer to spend your layover.

Nyamirambo neighborhood and Gaddafi Mosque

This layover takes approximately 10hours. Kigali’s best city tour company, Go Kigali, is the ultimate option for a ten-hour layover. Fortunately, you can spend up to 6-7 hours zooming bustling city accompanied by 4×4 car rental Rwanda Experienced Drivers. The visit starts from the colorful Nyamirambo neighborhood to see a traditional milk bar and the famous Gaddafi Mosque. Later, head to Kimisagara for a filling and Rwandan cuisine. This comes along with a dessert.  Finally, a tour of the local market and local fruit tasting.

Kigali Memorial Site.

The layover takes about 7hours. It enables the analysis and remembering the tragic Rwandan Genocide against the Tutsi. The memorial site is surrounded by flowers and a gut-wrenching display of photographs and varying exhibits. The museum is open to all the nationals and non-nationals and donations are optional. You understand a bit of the Rwanda history in the past years. Then head to the Inema Art Center for the different handcrafts and own some as a souvenir.

Marriot hotel

To taste Kigali life takes about 14hours in Marriot Hotel. However, there are now many hotels that have come up such as  Hotel des Mille Collines and many more.  For an excellent Kigali tour, vibrant neighbors its better to opt for Marriot. At the same take a laze at the pool.

21 Feb
road trip

The Exceptional Rwanda Road Trip.

Have you ever asked yourself why the majority of visitors prefer the exceptional road trip in Rwanda? The main case is because of the million memories they experience along any of the journeys to different destinations. However, this also depends on the tour company you have undertaken on a journey. To fully explore the beauty of Rwanda, opt for a road trip for the best view of the rolling hills and ridges all over. The majority of travelers will be witnessed on the exceptional Rwanda road trip.

Road Trip is not the only option however, it’s the BEST. In Rwanda, there are a variety of comfortable and affordable means of transport which may include water and air transport depending on your schedule and budget.

The exceptional Rwanda Road Trip

On the Rwanda road trip, different cars can be hired at an affordable price, the Safari Land Cruiser with a pop-up, Land Rover, Toyota Rav 4 or coastal bus for those to travel in a group. The choice of your car depends on your final destination which could be genocide memorial sites, National parks and many more. For a road trip to different memorial sites, you will have a chance to meet the busy capital city of Rwanda, Kigali and also witness why Rwanda is said to be the cleanest in Africa. The highways are perfectly crafted with clear brilliant lines and at night the street lights are clear enough. Traffic lights work is respected and vehicles stop at pedestrian crossings. The pace of cars and taxi’s do not speed.

On your travel towards your final destination, you are able to watch the different landscapes and local people on their different daily activities besides the road. Note that different destinations have different unaware experiences along with the traveler. With a road trip, you able to get close or have stopovers to take photographs with your loved ones. There’s no better way of viewing every creature than on a road trip.

11 Feb
Self Drive Rwanda

Things you should know before hiring a car in Rwanda

4X4 Car rental Rwanda brings to you some of the Things you should know before hiring a car in Rwanda

With a car rental company, it is highly possible to hire a car from Rwanda while your journey is either going to take you to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Congo. Someone might be wondering that is this reasonable?

Oh yes it is, for example if you are on safari trip, you must your journey in Rwanda and you do a gorilla trekking and then let’s say move to Uganda for another gorilla trekking at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or you could be interested in Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro after your gorilla trekking in Rwanda. All these various possibilities are highly possible and if you are thinking of doing such, there are some things you should know before you hire a car in Rwanda for your cross border trips.

Here are some of them:
Check if you shall require another visa to enter into another country.

Well you might have entered into Rwanda with a Rwandan visa but that visa only stops in Rwanda, you can use it in the neighboring countries. If you plan on going into another country just after Rwanda, find out whether you shall need a visa and the steps to get one. Actually, it is very easy to get a visa into Rwanda’s neighbours’ just move at the border between the country you are planning to travel to and Rwanda and I guarantee, you shall always get a visa. However prior to that, find out if how much it shall cost for you to move with enough money to pay for your visa. To surpass all those steps, you can easily get an East Africa tourist visa that shall enable to transit several East African countries without ever needing a visa again.

Use GPS system.
Chances are that you are moving into another country you have never travelled to or you simplify want to be sure of the routes. Don’t take chances of getting lost along the way, simply use a GPS system and everything shall be fine. Check with your car rental company if their cars are equipped with GPS systems; if they are, well and good and they are not, you can always hire GPS systems at a cheaper price.

Find out whether your phone shall is the capability of using GPS apps.

Know how much they charge on roaming and internet services.
You always want to stay in contact with your loved ones and one of the best ways is to access internet services and roaming services-make your research about how you shall be communicating using those two services. I believe your journey starts with communications.

Keep some water with you.
Before you move to such journeys, it is always advisable to have some drinking water with you. Buy from the supermarkets and stock in your car. The reason for this is you shall need it. You are going to drive along highways where you might not even find a single shops or a shop that sells water and you know very well that the heat inside the car sometimes causes you to drink water. Simply stock some water to be safe on your journey.

Have enough fuel in your car.
You might find a single fueling station or petrol station for that matter for hundreds of kilometers along the way and the best way to solve that is to simply have enough fuel in your car. Ask the car rental company about how much litres you need; they shall always help you to make the estimates. Remember some of them just give you the car and it’s up to you to put in fuel.

Keep your passport and driving permit near you.
The passport is the only legal document that shall identify you .Make sure you don’t forget it as there are chances that you shall need it. If you are the driver, make sure you have a valid driving permit that gives you authority to drive into that country. Find out more information from your car rental company.

Don’t be afraid to ask.
One thing you should know that local people are always knowledge about different things that you shall probably want to know. For example ,if you are looking for a nearby hotel and you come across local people; stop by and ask them. They shall surely direct you. Don’t be afraid to ask for any information along the route from the local people-they shall be your guide to a successful journey.

11 Feb
Self Drive Rwanda

Useful information about hiring a car while travelling

Rwanda car hiring information

Get the best Rwanda car hiring information

by booking with 4×4 car rental Rwanda
Car hiring is no longer complicated while travelling. You can hiring a car immediately after reaching the airport, all you need to do is have the fill in the necessary documents as given to you by the car provider but this is quite expensive. The easiest way is going to the internet and book online and in advance and when you reach the airport there is no time to waste the car is always available to transfer you to the hotel or any other destination.

You should have a driving license and identity documents like a passport or national identity card and these are all supposed to be valid. No car hire provider can ever give a car to drive in Rwanda without identifying yourself clear and also proving that are eligible and approved to drive a car. This can only be done by issuing your identification document and a driving license.

Before you sign on any agreement done between you and the car provider, you have to read each of the details on the paper very careful and comprehend it if not try to translate it in your mother tongue language through Google translate. Make sure you are fairly charged and also each of the expenses you are going to incur must be explained and put into the pricing of the car hire package. This is done to avoid incurring extra charges that may arouse from hidden expenses that cannot easily be recognized.

Car hire providers have different policies concerning fuel filling. Some companies will include the fuel expenses in the pricing and some can have self fuel fill agreement whereby you have to fill the fuel by yourself. In case of self fuel fill agreement then interact with the car hire provider to tell you the price per litre of the fuel in the area or country and also the calculated the distance you are going to cover while driving in Rwanda. Then sum up the total amount of money you are going to use on fuel. This helps you to easily budget for the money you are going to use on the car hire services.

Car hire providers in different countries have different insurance cover on accidents. You should make sure that all the damages that you may incur while travelling are covered for the insurance paid for or they are a few liabilities that you have to pay for that cannot drain your pockets. In most case car insurance is a legal requirement in most countries and so work with car hire companies in Rwanda that have insurance cover.

With the above information well taken you are more likely to have the best car hire services while traveling that can lead you safe on the roads without any worries.

Rent a car in rwanda with 4×4 car rental rwanda.

9 Feb

7 things you must do on Visit Rwanda tour

4×4 Car rental Rwanda brings to you the 7 things you must do on Visit Rwanda tour

1. Put Rwanda’s history into perspective when planning a Rwanda visit

Rwanda is still healing from its devastating and complex history that destroyed an entire people. The Genocide Memorial Centre in Kigali documents the genocide through written and video testimonials, photographs and physical remnants of weapons used and possessions destroyed.

There are mass graves of over 250,000 people at the memorial. You can spend hours in the museum, hoping to understand the intricacies of fear and identity and the role of the colonial powers that contextualize the tragic massacre of a million civilians in 100 days.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of this human disaster. The most humbling thing to remember is how far Rwanda has come to reconcile and rebuild itself. My experience at the Centre has been nothing but gentle, original and moving.

2. On your visit Rwanda tour, sit down and speak to the locals

When I first arrived in Kigali I had the unjust impression that Rwandans were withdrawn. Although there is an air of seriousness in a country that is still in healing, my feeling changed quickly after being exposed to the gentle hearts and thoughtfulness of people.

Only when you begin to engage and consciously listen can you learn about the values and knowledge of a culture. My hostess told me a story about the intashya bird that weaves its nest under the roof of her patio. “If a guest or visitor destroys the nests they will return to rebuild it no matter how many times it is destroyed, without fail,” she said. “But if the owner of the house destroys it, they will never come back.”

It is with the people that my most vivid memories of Rwanda remain. I have never seen so many smiling children in one place, their eyes beaming with purity. I will never forget the time I went for a walk and got caught in a heavy downpour and a man ran out of his home with a big yellow umbrella. Although the umbrella didn’t survive the rain, we sat under the tin shelter of the golf course and spoke to each other in soft smiles, waiting for the rain to pass.

3. Planning a Rwanda visit. Indulge in the local food and drink

Rwanda’s food consists primarily of beans, bananas, and potatoes, with sorghum being a staple. The cuisine offers variety and nutrition, and it tastes delicious. Curries with dal and chapattis are a specialty too. In the cities, it’s common to find sticks of goat meat roasting over charcoal burners.

Off the streets there is a great selection of restaurants offering hearty and healthy dishes. Ten-to-Two is a treasure that sits on the hills of Kacyiru, offering whole fish, basted and grilled on an open fire. Head there before the sun goes down for your food to be ready by dinnertime. It’s at least an hour’s wait, but well worth the feast and panoramic views.

For a unique combination of ingredients and instant service try Meze Fresh in Nyamirambo, a Mexican-Rwandan burrito bar where you can customize your order as it is prepared in front of you.

Besides an impressive menu, Rwanda boasts award-winning beer called Skol and specialty coffee that is being used by big coffee houses such as Starbucks.

4. Dancing on a visit Rwanda trip. Go salsa dancing

The Pasadena Bar in the Gikondo region of Kigali is the place to be on a Thursday night. Each week the Afro-Caribbean inspired hall draws together a hodgepodge of age and culture, from seasoned shakers to left-footed beginners for a marathon of uninterrupted salsa dancing. Dancers align behind the master of rhythm Jimmy Rudahunga, on the same dance floor where he learned to salsa over six years ago. Patrons follow him as he builds onto the basic left-foot-forward, right-foot-back movements with smooth sidestepping and spinning tricks.

The atmosphere is joyous, the energy is contagious, and by the end of the night, you probably will have swapped partners with most people in the room. The more shy-footed can swig Skol and enjoy some good conversation while admiring the music and movement. The night gets into full swing at about 10 pm, and I recommend stopping by Papyrus in Kimihurura for a rooftop drink and unfolding views of Kigali below.

5. Visit Rwanda  Kimironko Market

Kigali’s Kimironko Market is a sensory rush of bright colors and strong smells.

The market houses plantations of fresh food, fruit, and vegetables are laid out on tables and stacked to the ceiling. Patrons pick and choose what they need. Don’t forget to try the tamarillo (tree tomato), a fruit with a slightly bitter and explosive taste; it’s also great for making jam.

In the second half of the market, you will find a variety of traditional and second-hand clothes. My favorite part was walking in between the exquisite fabrics draped from stall to stall where vivid colors collide with geometric shapes and animals. With so many beautifully crafted textiles, I found it difficult to choose which one to take home with me. I finally opted for a wax print fabric known as kitenge, made by the process of imprinting a pattern of melted wax onto fabric before it is dyed.

6. See Rwanda’s Art Renaissance at the Ivuka Arts Centre

The surge of public art that has cropped up over the last year is incredible and in part attributed to organizations like Ivuka Arts and its collaboration with local emerging artists and other community-based projects. Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga means to Create, to See, to Learn and is an expression-based public art initiative urging people to address the current discourse of Aids through creativity and the deconstruction of stigma.

It was only about a year ago that the first large-scale mural was approved for painting on a ten-story hospital building on the streets of Kigali. The mural served as a catalyst for the public art scene in the city, with many more being curated by local artists and the emergence of a new voice, one apart from the usual government slogans and advertising boards.

Ivuka Arts invites local artists to do a residency where they hone their craft, experiment with media, and form a community of support and learning with other artists. The atmosphere is beautiful, with open studio spaces looking over lush green hills, and there is constant life with the Rwandan Dance Troop singing and drumming. The walls are draped with magnificent art and sculptures made from up-cycled materials. The center is always open for visitors to stop by and browse the gallery or watch the community practice their dance and drumming performances.

7. Gorilla trekking Rwanda

Gorilla tracking in Volcanoes National Park doesn’t come cheaply, but it’s good to know that the US$750 you fork out for this adventure is going towards the preservation of these magnificent creatures.

With only about 5 meters between you, you are able to observe the complex social behavior of the animals, picking up on each one’s distinct personality. Interestingly, a lot of the rangers were former poaches who have been educated on the significance of the animals and now depend on them for their livelihoods, acting as their passionate guardians.

The biggest threat to mountain gorillas in Rwanda is the destruction of their natural habitat by a growing and largely agricultural population. I learned about the naming ceremony called Kwita Izina where the President comes to the area each year to name each newborn baby.

The surrounding town of Masanze is very charming, scattered with great restaurants and every building is decorated with beautiful hand-painted

signage. You can also visit the hotel where Diane Fossey lived during her pivotal research on mountain gorillas. Her room remains largely intact.

get more inspiration tips about things you must do on Visit Rwanda tour by taking your car rental with us

9 Feb
The Land of a thousand hills

Drive through Rwanda-The Land of a thousand hills

Welcome to Rwanda-the land of a thousand hills

A largely undiscovered Eden lies in Rwanda, she promises unrivalled biodiversity, the land of a thousand hills, a number of dramatic mountains and volcanoes, it has some of the oldest and most precious rainforests on earth, captivation glittering skein of lakes, rivers and waterfalls as well as an assortment of 4 National parks. Rwanda’s National parks boost 13 species of primates and approximately 670 species of birds many of which are globally endangered.  Many visitors from around the world flock this country every year for wildlife safaris, self drive in Rwanda and family trips.

Land of A thousand Hills

Rwanda is beautifully set against a backdrop of towering volcanoes and a mist wreathed mountains. The country is a home to numerous rolling hills which are so rich for cultivation and for witness, during your Rwanda safari; you will surely spot a lot of tea plantations and other crops on these hills. Apart from cultivation purposes most of hills are perfect for hiking experiences and some are beautifully forested. These rolling hills offer a beautiful back drop for Kigali capital city and everyone that visit this country appreciates their beauty.

The Gorillas In The Mist

The volcanoes shot to world fame with the 1988 film, Gorillas in the Mist, which documented the 20 years of pioneering gorilla research undertaken by American primatologist, Diane Fossey, who was murdered in 1985 by poachers. Gorilla tracking is one of the best highlights for a trip to Rwanda especially to the Volcanoes National park. These gentle creatures are heavily protected and only a number of thirty visitors are allowed per day.

The Royal Palace at Nyanza

The royal palace at Nyanza is an eye catching enormous woven dome and it was once a court for Rwanda’s King locally called mwami. The king resided in this palace with his colorful courtiers, his royal Intore dancers, soothsayers, magicians, warrior, actors and musicians. The palace is currently a museum that show cases stunning displays of the culture of Rwanda and Intore dance mainly. A visit to the Nyanza Royal palace is such a rewarding adventure on your Rwanda safari.

Lovely lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is the largest of Rwanda’s fresh water lakes and is surrounded by wooden hill and beautiful white sands beaches. The destinations offer beautiful lakeside resorts, water sport activities, island tours and marvelous leisure excursion. Towns of Kibuye, Gisenyi and Cyangugu offer perfect accommodation in both upmarket and basic hotels with fine dining and a great destination for honeymoon holidays.

Kigali city

Rwanda’s attractive capital, Kigali ranges over several hills. Serene and compact it offers a world –class range of hotels, restaurants and bars and is one of the best places to experience the extraordinary spectacle of the Intore Royal Ballet. Also in the city is the world’s

famous and exceptionally moving Genocide memorial Center, a permanent exhibition documenting the tragedy of the 1984 Rwanda Genocide.

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29 Jan

Hire a car with 4×4 car rental rwanda.

For a great stay in Rwanda, hire a car with 4×4 car rental Rwanda at cheap and affordable prices. 4×4 car rental Rwanda aim at providing you the best services that value your money. Our services are to travelers including solo tourists, couples, back-packers, families as well as small groups. For all our services bookings are done online fast and easy.  We provide different service to and fro Kigali Airport, Hotel, conference halls and different tourist attractions. According to your details you prevailed us with, it will be at the Airport with one of our drivers. It will be there on that particular date of travel. Your arrival time doesn’t matter whether at night or during day time, we shall be there ready with your rental car when you get off your flight.

Our hire cars are also hired for luxury not only for tours, besides that they are comfortable and affordable. We provide for a small 4-door car , station wagon or mid-sized vehicle van or shuttle for group. Depending on your choice, 4×4 car rental Rwanda is willing to provide you any car of your choice at best rates. Though, your comfort-ability with our car is our priority.

Car hire services.

If you ready to hire a car from us, we offer various services which include;-

  • Self drive trips
  • Long term rentals
  • Guided safaris in Rwanda
  • Conference transport
  • Driver hire
  • city tours plus airport transfers to & from Kigali Airport
  • Planning to visit a national park.

You may be sure that traveling to Rwanda the beautiful land but still wondering you have come to the right place. Besides that, you might not be familiar with the roads of Rwanda, we provide best chauffeurs at an affordable rates. Our drivers aim at providing the best services worth every penny you pay. Its your choice to inspect your available rental car.

Some of the cars to hire are;-

Rent a Toyota with pop-up

Rent Toyota Rav 4

Rent a 4×4 Camp Jeep

Rent a Toyota Prado ARB 4×4

What are the requirements for self drive in Rwanda?

For self drive in Rwanda requires mainly an international Driving Permit. An International Driving Permit (IDP) is an official document or a card that validates your driving licence in other countries. In majority of the countries this is a requirement for hiring a car.

For your safety, DON’T ever risk to drive without it, because it may lead to high fees. This also differentiates from a gambler. Therefore, if your permit is in a different language and not in English, its better to get an accurate translation for it. On addition, this permit is slightly larger than your passport.

29 Jan

Rent a car with a Driver Guide.

4×4 car rental Rwanda provides the best options on your great Safari;- Rent a car with a Driver guide and Rent  a car without a Driver Guide. Specifically, the emphasis for this particular article is put on the reasons why you rent a car with a Driver Guide. The hidden secret for your explicit tour you need a skillful, professional and a hardworking driver. This will also enable you to focus on your main interest. The 4×4 car rental Rwanda Driver Guide takes you from the time you drop at the airport to all your destinations. This driver guide knows all the corners to all the destinations following a well-designed itinerary in Rwanda.

Yes, we know you would also want to self drive which is also right. But our guides are not only skillful but are well used to these roads, and as you know Rwanda is a ‘Land of a thousand hills’. Give us this opportunity to let you  discover the hidden treasures of these beautiful lands.

To ensue a finest safari experience, rent a car with a our Driver Guide!!

Our chauffeur Transfer Service
For your journey to unfamiliar territory, the driver guide picks you from Kigali International Airport. He will be available on your particular day of travelling and at the exact time. These will be according to the information you have provided us. This implies that you will not have to hustle with the public means.

Daily Chauffeur Drive
This mostly available to the VIP option. You just have to sit in our luxury comfortable vehicle and relax as you be driven to your destination.

Reasons why rent a car with a Driver Guide.

1. First and foremost, our car rental with driver each is fully competent, have dignity, trust and responsible. These drivers have attended the best driving schools and also have valid Rwandan Permits. Including;- Government security clearances and first aid certificates.

2. Our chauffeurs have great experience in driving and also to the different city tours and park tours. This is because they have adequate knowledge about routes to popular local attractions.  Therefore, you can be assured of a safe road trip to any destination you will be visiting.

3. Our Driver Guide have affordable rates in the most convenient way possible of your destinations. They are also available for formal occasions such as conferences and meetings accompanied with our vehicles.

4. Fluent in different languages. They might not be all languages but majority of the official languages. Theses include; English, Kiswahili, Runyakitara, Spanish, French and Germany

24 Jan

Places to visit on your road tour with 4×4 car rental Rwanda

The main places to visit on your road tour with 4×4 car rental Rwanda are the historical sites since April 1994. Thousands of additional civilians were killed in the conflict. The historical sites  have been maintained for historical remembrance for Rwanda as a country and for tourism.

Rwanda doesn’t only attract visitors for Gorilla Trekking but also the history of the country. For the road trip, the  places to visit on your road tour include;

  1. Bisesero memorial genocide site.

Its located in Western Rwanda. This was named Bisesero because of its location in that area. Majority of the tourists make stopovers at this site because of its tragic history made in the country. A stairway connects different mass graves located on the top with three houses that keep the bone remains of the victims. Most of them were Abatusti described as people with long noses and were cattle keepers. Around 40,000 people died at this place, this was because they weren’t well equipped. Since the place was rocky, they used stones as their equipment against the Interahamwe militias. Therefore, a few were able to escape.

2. Kigali Memorial genocide centre.

It is one of the largest massacre that is modernized in nature and located in Gasabo district. It consists of gardens in the compound and beautiful flowers.  The Centre’s main structure comprises a museum above the mass graves of more than 200,000 victims of the awful 1994 genocide.

As you enter the museum, the first section is on the genocide and at the end it display of photographs of the victims, their clothing and a handful of skulls, and bones. This site requires strong people due to what is exhibited in the museum. This must not be missed  on your road trip. This memorial center was constructed in 1999.

3. Nyamata Memorial site.

Its based in a former church and consists of  50,000 remains of people. The church walls today show how the perpetrators made holes in the walls of the church. This was to enable the grenades to go through the church.

The ceiling of the church shows the bullet holes. Also the altar cloth easily show how these Tusti were affected stained with blood. Most of the remains have been buried but clothing and identity cards are left. The identity cards were what identified people as either Tutsi or Hutu. To leave no people alive, the neighboring people in the area were killed after the massacre.

4. Ntarama Memorial Site;

Ntarama is located in Bugesera District.  The former Catholic Church of Ntarama converted into a genocide memorial on 14th April 1995. About 5,000 people lost their lives there. Its approximately a one hour drive the Kigali the capital city of Rwanda. This is where the most brutal killings took place. Most of the people used to run to it for refugee but later they were attacked and killed from there.

The refugees locked the iron door with a padlock for protection, however the Interahamwe Hutu Militia broke it and entered with rifles, grenades and machetes. Also the neighbors suffered the horrifying violence.5. Murambi Memorial Centre;

Its located near the town of Murambi in southern Rwanda. The Tutsis were trapped in a church when killings started where they had gone for safety. This was by  bishop and mayor who lured them. The Memorial Centre has a massive grave for approximately 45000 victims that were killed during the genocide. This was a former old technical school. This is a must visit because you will comprehend the 100’s horrors in this place.