Rent a car with a professional Driver Guide in Rwanda

26 Sep
Rent a car with a professional Driver Guide.

Rent a car with a professional Driver Guide in Rwanda

4×4 car rental Rwanda provides the best options on your great Safari;- Rent a car with a professional Driver guide and Rent  a car without a professional Driver Guide. Specifically, the emphasis for this particular article is put on the reasons why you rent a car with a professional Driver Guide. The hidden secret for your explicit tour you need a skillful, professional and a hardworking driver. This will also enable you to focus on your main interest. The 4×4 car rental Rwanda professional Driver Guide takes you from the time you drop at the airport to all your destinations. This driver guide knows all the corners to all the destinations following a well-designed itinerary in Rwanda.

Yes, we know you would also want to self drive which is also right. But our guides are not only skillful but are well used to these roads, and as you know Rwanda is a ‘Land of a thousand hills’. Give us this opportunity to let you  discover the hidden treasures of these beautiful lands.

To ensue a finest safari experience, rent a car with a our professional Driver Guide!!

Our chauffeur Transfer Service
For your journey to unfamiliar territory, the professional driver guide picks you from Kigali International Airport. He will be available on your particular day of travelling and at the exact time. These will be according to the information you have provided us. This implies that you will not have to hustle with the public means.

Daily Chauffeur Drive
This mostly available to the VIP option. You just have to sit in our luxury comfortable vehicle and relax as you be driven to your destination.

Reasons why rent a car with a Driver Guide.

1. First and foremost, our car rental with driver each is fully competent, have dignity, trust and responsible. These drivers have attended the best driving schools and also have valid Rwandan Permits. Including;- Government security clearances and first aid certificates.

2. Our chauffeurs have great experience in driving and also to the different city tours and park tours. This is because they have adequate knowledge about routes to popular local attractions.  Therefore, you can be assured of a safe road trip to any destination you will be visiting.

3. Our Driver Guide have affordable rates in the most convenient way possible of your destinations. They are also available for formal occasions such as conferences and meetings accompanied with our vehicles.

4. Fluent in different languages. They might not be all languages but majority of the official languages. Theses include; English, Kiswahili, Runyakitara, Spanish, French and Germany

22 Sep

Places to visit on your road tour with 4×4 car rental Rwanda

The main places to visit on your road tour with 4×4 car rental Rwanda are the historical sites since April 1994. Thousands of additional civilians were killed in the conflict. The historical sites  have been maintained for historical remembrance for Rwanda as a country and for tourism.

Rwanda doesn’t only attract visitors for Gorilla Trekking but also the history of the country. For the road trip, the  places to visit on your road tour include;

  1. Bisesero memorial genocide site.

Its located in Western Rwanda. This was named Bisesero because of its location in that area. Majority of the tourists make stopovers at this site because of its tragic history made in the country. A stairway connects different mass graves located on the top with three houses that keep the bone remains of the victims. Most of them were Abatusti described as people with long noses and were cattle keepers. Around 40,000 people died at this place, this was because they weren’t well equipped. Since the place was rocky, they used stones as their equipment against the Interahamwe militias. Therefore, a few were able to escape.

2. Kigali Memorial genocide centre.

It is one of the largest massacre that is modernized in nature and located in Gasabo district. It consists of gardens in the compound and beautiful flowers.  The Centre’s main structure comprises a museum above the mass graves of more than 200,000 victims of the awful 1994 genocide.

As you enter the museum, the first section is on the genocide and at the end it display of photographs of the victims, their clothing and a handful of skulls, and bones. This site requires strong people due to what is exhibited in the museum. This must not be missed  on your road trip. This memorial center was constructed in 1999.

3. Nyamata Memorial site.

Its based in a former church and consists of  50,000 remains of people. The church walls today show how the perpetrators made holes in the walls of the church. This was to enable the grenades to go through the church.

The ceiling of the church shows the bullet holes. Also the altar cloth easily show how these Tusti were affected stained with blood. Most of the remains have been buried but clothing and identity cards are left. The identity cards were what identified people as either Tutsi or Hutu. To leave no people alive, the neighboring people in the area were killed after the massacre.

4. Ntarama Memorial Site;

Ntarama is located in Bugesera District.  The former Catholic Church of Ntarama converted into a genocide memorial on 14th April 1995. About 5,000 people lost their lives there. Its approximately a one hour drive the Kigali the capital city of Rwanda. This is where the most brutal killings took place. Most of the people used to run to it for refugee but later they were attacked and killed from there.

The refugees locked the iron door with a padlock for protection, however the Interahamwe Hutu Militia broke it and entered with rifles, grenades and machetes. Also the neighbors suffered the horrifying violence.5. Murambi Memorial Centre;

Its located near the town of Murambi in southern Rwanda. The Tutsis were trapped in a church when killings started where they had gone for safety. This was by  bishop and mayor who lured them. The Memorial Centre has a massive grave for approximately 45000 victims that were killed during the genocide. This was a former old technical school. This is a must visit because you will comprehend the 100’s horrors in this place.

20 Sep
Rwanda Car Rental

Road Trip Clues and guidelines in Rwanda

As you plan to rent a car with 4×4 car rental Rwanda, road trip clues and guidelines in Rwanda will be listed for your own safety in Rwanda. Majority of the tourist prefer trekking but to have a different life experience is to opt for renting a car. Different tourist use various means due to their personal reasons but for safety purposes it is always better to go for a road trip. Rwanda is not a safest country however much its the cleanest in Africa, therefore you advised to rent a car.

Currently, Rwanda is developing mostly in the section of tourism. The infrastructure system has been improved upon making it easier to explore the Land of a ‘1000’ Hills by car.

For a best road trip in Rwanda, here are the road trip clues and guidelines in Rwanda to know before you start your journey;

1. Passport and visas information:

The first thing to always put in consideration is to move a long with a valid passport and visa. According to the policy of visas in Rwanda, all visitors are required to own one and nationals of countries without an embassy can obtain a visa on their arrival. This arrangement can be done  by their hosts, who can arrange the facilities.

2. Be aware of a variety of terrains.

Since Rwanda is a land of thousand hills, you will experience different types of terrain while  in Rwanda. However, most of the streets are paved in Kigali city as you will see. In the out skirts of  Kigali city there are  some that are not and you will be welcomed with red dirt road. On top of that some few are littered with potholes which will give you a massage on your way. This will be part of your experience with in Rwanda.

3. Avoid driving at night.

This is also important because most areas out of Kigali are dark more so within the parks. On the road, everyone drives with their high beams on at night, which is very blinding and dangerous for drivers. Therefore, its always safe to travel during day time.  On the other hand, the potholes on the dirt roads makes it hard to see the road conditions and this may lead to accidents late in the night. For your safety on your road trip make sure you give yourself enough time to your journey.

4. Health & Safety:
As you plan for a visit in Rwanda a certificate of yellow fever vaccination is mandatory. This is to  ensure your safety within the country. Also, you advised not eat any food along road sides and tap water  for your  good stay in Rwanda. To be on a safe side, you advisable to buy bottled mineral water provided in different towns all over the country.

4. Traffic jam inconveniences.

Within Kigali city, be prepared for traffic and the roundabouts. The roundabouts are many though their are no rules for entering and exiting. For the traffic lights, the only solution is to be well equipped and follow the instructions.  The drivers of 4×4 car rental Rwanda are all very nice and it will seem to be convenient.

5.Put on the seat-belt:

This is ignored by majority of the tourists, yet its useful and simple. Immediately you seat in a car pull the belts and pass them across.  You need to be well equipped because its hard to control how other people drive. The main issue is not to just wear a seat belt but it helps to save your life in case of any accident.

6.Do not drink and drive:

This doesn’t only concern the driver but also the people seated. For a best road trip contact 4×4 car rental rwanda. You might be excited and take some strong alcoholic drink, this puts your life at risk.

7. Communication languages:
Most tourists find it difficult to communicate with the natives but currently in Rwanda official languages used include French and English. Therefore no more worries with the indigenous language Kinyarwanda.  These official languages are also found in the tourist centers.

19 Aug

Smoking in a car rental

Whereas the rate at which people do smoke has considerably reduced for the past years, more than a billion smokers still exist globally. Because of this, there is a need for one to first understand which policies do govern smoking in a car rental. That said, each car rental company has its own policies that anyone who hires a car must observe.

Car Hire Companies usually do what you think-they hire out a vehicle to people who are in need of them and they come at a fee that is also determined by several policies and restrictions together with differing levels of the quality of the vehicle that is rated by the economy, standard, intermediate and luxury.

Not all car hire is deemed smoke free zones and your car hire terms and conditions are always stipulate that no one is allowed to smoke in car hire. Meaning, unless the local legislation states otherwise, you won’t be breaking any laws by lighting up in car hire. However, what you will be doing is to expose yourself to a potentially huge cleaning bill from the car rental company you will be dealing with and that is why we advise you never to smoke in car hire.

In case you break any of the stipulated terms and you smoke inside the car hire, this won’t only expose you to excess cleaning charges by also cause damage the care either from a cigarette burn or worse of it cause accident and this may render your insurance invalidated for using the vehicle outside what the terms and conditions state hence exposing you to a repair bill that perhaps you never prepared for.

Equally, the same policy applies to e-cigarettes or alternatively make a stopover and do it outside. Despite the fact that e-cigarettes usually never emit the same smoke or lasting smell on car fabrics which could leave you in serious problems, smoking in a car rental-e-cigarette can still lead you to unplanned charges or rather unnecessary distraction.

Another important question that many people usually do ask is whether it is illegal to smoke while driving. Technically, it is illegal for you to do and worse still if you did it while on the road trip were discarding the cigarette butts out of the widow can easily cause wildfires especially during the dry season.

The fact that no car hire company in Uganda allows smoking in their cars, breaking such a significant term means a huge charge to you goes into place as smoke can get just about anywhere. Usually, a car hire agency is in a position to know if you did smoke in a car based on a sniff test.

So in case there is a smell of smoke in the car, this becomes an indicator while others may check for cigarette butts or ashes and once found, you are liable for a charge. In case you need to clean a car rental that has been smoked, alternatively, you will need some labor with a bottle of vinegar/Windex together with ozium and a vacuum.

The other policies that are in line with car hire include a security deposit and in most cases, every car hire company has its mode of payment; others may require you to drop off at a certain point on the premise in that the vehicle can be cross-checked by an associate whereas others may require you to park in the designated spot, remove your property and then you turn the key in.

On the other hand, persons above 21 years are usually eligible to hire a car but this varies from country to country as others allow even those at 18 years and above. Besides, you need a valid government ID that is not expired to hire a car and your ID should have your photo and must valid for the specified car hire period.

Generally, for those of you who are thinking of smoking in car hire, our advice is that simply do not do it! To avoid related charges that come because of smoking in car rental is perhaps to do it elsewhere.

4 Aug
Self Drive Vs Chauffeur(Driver) Hire in Rwanda

Self Drive Vs Chauffeur(Driver) Hire in Rwanda

Self Drive Vs Chauffeur(Driver) Hire in Rwanda we play a big role in making awesome entrances to any party nothing matches the pleasure of being driven by a professional chauffeur(Driver) or even a self-drive in the comfort of a stylish luxury car. From classic vintage cars to modern cars, you have to choose a car that matches with the style or type of wedding and fits your budget. It’s the main reason to check on our fleet. However, the most important issue is whether you will prefer to hire your own chauffeur(Driver) from the crystal car hire agency. Which-ever option you choose can have a great impact on the proceedings of the party.

Self Drive Vs Chauffeur(Driver) Hire with the self-drive option, you have all the freedom to travel anywhere you want at your own pace and tourist attractions of your own choice. This option is cheaper since you can just hire your relatives, friends or siblings to drive you at a cheap rate or for absolutely nothing. Or if you driving in a group, you may decide to drive in turns. This sounds like the best potion but it comes with an expense and the major one, driver being inexperienced. He/She may not have the required driving documents, may be unprofessional, may get lost and in case of an emergency like a break-down, he might fail to solve the problem or take longer than expected to delay the wedding convoy for the special occasion.

On the other hand, the Chauffeur driven car hire option is much more convenient as all transport responsibilities are left to the driver giving you all the comfort and relaxation you need during your travels. Viewing all creatures like birds and far wild animals using a pair of binoculars is possible. Using a chauffeur(Driver) means you won’t need to worry about anything like getting caught up in traffic or lost, breakdown … just sit back, relax and let him guide the way. Their hospitality and reliability ensure you will be anywhere you want to go at any time of service.

So whenever you’re planning to hire a wedding car in Rwanda, you should always consider these two options and evaluate what suits you best. For more car hire tips, get in- touch with us through or contact us on  +250725074659 .

4 Aug
low-priced cars to hire in Rwanda

Low-priced cars to hire in Rwanda

Finding low-priced cars to hire in Rwanda can sometimes be tricky but with our services at 4×4 car rental Rwanda, we can give you a variety of cars so that you can hire a car of your choice from our fleet whether you are going for holidays in Rwanda for a few days or even for a long time like a fortnight. People prefer choosing the low-priced cars to hire in Rwanda for longtime obligations like one is going a number of activities like trip research, business trip or a family vacation in a foreign land.

The benefit of using the low-priced cars to hire in Kigali for a long time is you have the right to control your own travel schedule, time and a penny. The money saved may go for luxurious attractions within Rwanda such as beaches along L.Kivu. One controls his/her travel time and place when using car hire services because the vehicle he/she uses becomes private and exclusive to him/her alone making it convenient. There is no inconvenience as compared to using a public means of transport in a foreign country because it has a certain time it is supposed to leave or arrive at a certain destination.

Your independence is at its peak while using low-priced cars to hire in Rwanda from us for the long term as you are the driver and there is no passenger to inconvenience you with other destinations and stopovers. You enjoy the comfort of your ride at any time to do anything on the road as you drive in Rwanda as there is no third party to intervene in your privacy. As you wish, photographs are possible at any point of your choice. For proper directions, make use of GPS and google or downloaded maps.

Using cars from 4×4 car rental Rwanda makes your destination a ride away and also covers a wide range of attractions in case you are on a vacation since they are in proper mechanical condition. The other option, a traveler may decide to hire our chauffeur or our driver such that he enjoys the journey in the land of green rolling hills. Our chauffers or drivers are experienced with driving permits. When using car hire, you travel directly to your destination without any stopovers or taking any other route that is not on your itinerary which isn’t the case with the public transport whereby the buses make a stopover and also take some other routes to cater for other passengers. Also, car hire services can reach any destination at any time so the traveler is able to cover a wide range of attractions in a short period of time.

We give a variety of travel options.  we provide convenient cars that give you a memorable experience such as Toyota land cruiser, land Rover Defender, and Toyota Rav 4. During a weekend vacation with your friends, big cars are also available like vans/coastal bus that can accommodate a bigger number of people altogether.

4×4 car rental Rwanda cars come with insurance, warning triangles and airbags to caters to the damages like accidents and breakdowns while traveling. This gives you peace of mind as you are safe on the long road trip in case of an unforeseen problem and also you do not have to spend any money on repair or amends of the car.

Considering car rental services for the long term is the best ground transportation since its easy to also cross borders with a rental car. It’s convenient, safe and comfortable.

4 Aug
Self drive Holidays in Rwanda

Self drive Holidays(vacation) in Rwanda

Self drive holidays(vacation) in Rwanda is one of the most enjoyable and self-satisfying adventures anyone can do on a holiday safari with friends or relatives. Rwanda is a mountainous country and that’s why its called “The land of a thousand hills” because of its Volcanic mountains, Rwanda is located in the Eastern part of the African Continent bordering Tanzania in the East, Uganda in the North, Democratic Republic of Congo in the West and Burundi in the South, it has a wide range of tourist attractions like wildlife primates and species stocked in its diversity thus rewarding you with an amazing Wildlife Safari excursion.

Its major primate attraction includes the endangered Mountain Gorillas which are only found in Volcanoes National Park(Sabinyo, Mgahinga, and Bisoke), Chimpanzees, Golden Monkeys, African Big fives which include Elephants, Leopards, Lions, Buffaloes and the Rhinoceros, Vervets, Black and White Colobus Monkeys and different colorful bird species, all these species and primates are found in the 3 major National parks to visit which include Akagera National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park, and Volcanoes National Park.

Going for Self drive Holidays(vacation) in Rwanda is one of the best ways of exploring this country through visiting its major prime touristic destinations which include National Parks, game reserves, Cultural sites like Kigali genocide memorial, IbyI’wacu cultural village, Dian Fossey graveyard and adventure sites. Visiting each of the above, attractions is a memorable life experience.

We are one of the premium car hire companies in Rwanda specializing in providing all modes of different 4×4 wheel drive Safari Jeeps which include Land Cruiser Prado, Tx, Tz, V8, Super custom, Safari vans, Coasters, Safari Cruiser extended and Rav4 at cheap and affordable prices. Renting a car for long terms with 4×4 Car Hire Uganda starting from three weeks onwards an offer of a 5% discount is given off the original prices t our clients.

What’s required to rent a car for Self drive Holidays(vacation) in Rwanda? Renting a car for self drive holidays(vacation) in Rwanda you must be eligible by owning a valid driving license indicating the names of the person who is to drive the car plus a valid passport because you are not allowed to drive if you do not own a driving license. Age is not considered mostly but it has to be reasonable as young kids below twenty years are not trusted by most of the car hire companies.

On the day of issuing a car to you, a photocopy of your valid driving license and passport are required to be left with us or at our company offices for security purposes, you must read through the company terms and conditions provided in a hard copy which you must follow if you decide to go by them.

At the time of issuing the car, failure to go by our terms and conditions you will not be issued a Car for your Self drive Holidays(vacation) in Rwanda therefore if you decide to book a Car you must go by the terms and conditions in the car rental agreement. Furthermore, for self drive in Rwanda, it requires a valid driving permit or International Driving Permit of your country that translates the meaning.

What’s the payment method your self drive car Rental? When renting a car with 4×4 car rental Rwanda all costs for the rental are paid on arrival in cash with a receipt issued to you for confirmation of your payment, before taking the Car carry out an inspection and confirm whether it’s in good condition, take photos of the Car for evidence because you have to bring it back when it is in the same state like you had taken it away at the time of hire.

3 Aug
saving money on a Rwanda car Rental

Saving Money on a Rwanda car Rental

Saving Money on a Rwanda car Rental feels like a dream to some travelers while in Rwanda but guess what, with 4×4 car rental Rwanda this dream is coming to reality. Booking a vehicle for a self drive in Rwanda and at the same time saving money on a Rwanda car Rental is easily simple on your vacation with your friends, family, and relatives.This comes on an advantage of moving at your pace in the land of a thousand hills and be able to see on of the world’s endangered Moutain gorillas.

Strategizing your travel plans saves alot and at times you end up opting for an extra tour in Rwanda. The following are the highlights on which to do saving Money on a Rwanda car Rental. We are rating our travel tips by how much we think you save with each.

Book the right airline at the right time –

There are a number of tips on the internet on when is the best time to book airline tickets, and what the best days to fly are. Its advisable to travel on week days which is Monday to Friday since Saturdays and Sundays the demand is since everyone tries to maximize their vacation on the weeekends. Flying in the middle of the week you can also save a pretty penny.

Flying a super budget airline is the best means however, you’ll pay for it later. At the end of the day they’ll charge you in creative ways: for checking in bags, for printing your boarding pass and for carrying hand luggage to name a few. Once all that’s added up, don’t be surprised if your cheap airfare is more than what you have paid for a full-fare carrier.

Traveling late in the Night

While on your safari you can use your car rental to travel from one tourist destination to another no matter the time whether from 12:00am to 5:00 am we will always be available . It’s advisable to travel at night because it’s usually much cheaper than daytime flights due to low demand – and all the better for it. In the night, no sitting in traffic from Kigali International Airport to your final destination, terminals are quieter, and check-in is faster.
Late-night travel can also save you traffic full day of stay at the hotel and relax as you enjoy the cool brezee. In fact, you can expand your holiday by leaving on the night of your last working day, and beating the rush. As travel tips of saving money on a Rwanda car Rental go, this one keeps on giving. You can carry your sleep mask, in case of cabin crew forget to turn off the lights.

Maximize the safari package

Before choosing a particular hotel, google and find out the cheaper and comfortable hotel. Hotels offer a lot of packages and deals to customers. So much so, it can work out to be cheaper staying for two nights than just one! Make sure you get as many rate options as you can for your stay while on your Rwanda safari.
Special rates are also hidden behind loyalty programs. Don’t be shy about registering for them will get you’Exclusive Member’ rates or perks since most don’t have any fees associated with joining. In fact, many hotel deals also offer top-rated car rentals services with your room thus So much saving. It’s practically robbery.

Aim at distancing yourself a little away from the city

Accommodation in the city is very expensive. If you can, plan to stay a little out of the city. But not so far that your travel costs become greater than what you are trying to save on your Rwanda car rental. If your city has a subway, look for places at either end of the line. Subway fares don’t normally fluctuate much with distance traveled.

If there’s a large group of you visiting the city like Kigali, the car rentals services Kigali can be your best bet. You can save money and travel in style by renting a car for the duration, a self drive car rental option would be good here. No need to hustle with the public means of transport and managing time.

Book early or book late

How an airline or hotel changes its prices over time varies enormously. But with the experience we have,booking very early or last minute is a good strategy for saving some money. Our logic is simple: most of the demand comes in at around the two-month mark or earlier, rising up until a week or so before the season.

To beat it, you can book really early and take advantage of lower rates (or better packages) businesses will advertise early on. Or you can book really late, and make the most of last-minute cancellations from other clients. Though, if you are going to do that, get a very thorough understanding of the tourism scene at your destination. If demand is very high, hotels and airlines won’t lower their prices.

Avoid add-on insurance for your rental car?

Do not pay double to insure your car rental, So many credit cards offer coverage for rental cars today, you can just say “no, thanks” to that add-on. Whether it’s a daily charge or a lump sum amount, add-on insurance can quickly add up. A top-rated car rental service Toronto will ask you if you already have insurance.

Start by stepping away from the large car rental companies. You can really save on great cars by choosing a local top-rated car rental service, Toronto. People don’t realize that local rental companies can charge you less because they have much less administrative overhead. Don’t book your econobox just yet; search for a car rental nearby instead.

Utilizing the Wi-Fi

The local café, your hotel or AirBnB, major train stations and airports all have Wi-Fi available to use for free. Keep hopping on free Wi-Fi and you won’t have to worry (much) about roaming fees while in Rwanda which leads to saving money on a Rwanda car Rental. To make the most of this you need to get your smartphone offline-ready. Think downloading maps for later, saving boarding passes onto your phone, city guides that can be saved for offline reading and more. At the same time, the google maps can be used to follow till reach to your destination.