Hiring a vehicle is very beneficial because it is fast, safe, comfortable and convenient especially for foreign travellers. People hire cars for different reasons, they are those who use rental vehicles for social events like weddings, and political rallies while others use them for self-drive holidays like visiting the different national parks in Rwanda.  Self-drive holidays in Rwanda have become so popular in Rwanda because of the freedom, privacy and excitement they offer to travellers when enjoying the natural scenery and the wildlife species of the country. Checking the vehicle before setting off for your self drive trip in Rwanda is highly advised and these are some of the main things to check.

One of the most important travel items for a self-drive in Rwanda is the rental vehicle to travel by. A well-conditioned vehicle enables travellers to have an enjoyable and triumphant trip. Therefore, self-drive travellers must check for these components on the vehicle below before setting for their road trip.

Air conditioning – it is vital to check the AC especially when it is a hot climatic season in Rwanda.  Turn on the system to ensure it operates perfectly well and test whether the temperatures are cool to your liking and also the airflow strength. It is real hell to travel by car with no temperature regulations, particularly on a sunny day.

Heating system –  This is more or less of essence like the air conditioning specifically in the wet season. Make sure that the airflow is enough and the vehicle takes a short time to warm up. A vehicle with a proper heating system will enable you to have a great travel experience regardless of how cold the day is.

It is also vital to check whether the car can defrost.

Fluid levels –  Competent car rental agencies will ensure that the fluid levels are at their best during the maintenance period so that the vehicle can be ready for the next trip. However, as a traveller, it is needful to check the fluid levels before setting off. The fluids to check include wiper water, brake fluid and oil.  They are the most important fluids that make the vehicle function well.

They should be at their recommended level to prevent any issues while on your self-drive safari.

Damages – checking the dents, dings and scratches is very important. You should check for the aforementioned damages both in the interior and on the exterior of the vehicle. Normally dents, scratches, stains and noxious smells are fined for by the rental operator when the vehicle is returned. It is best to check and record them down and also take pictures and videos to act as proof that the damages existed before. This prevents you from being liable and paying for the damages which are not of your doing.

Car stereo – while a self drive trip in Rwanda, your favourite melodies add an extra vibe and excitement. Therefore, you should check whether the MP3 and CD player and radio function. Long-distance trips need some entertainment to kill off the boredom.

To hire a car in Rwanda and have a delightful travel experience, ensure that Checking the vehicle before setting off for your self-drive trip in Rwanda is well and truly done. You also should look at the different rental companies and see which one gives a better deal.