Congo Nile Trail

Congo Nile Trail is as long as 227Km, covering different plantations for coffee, tea and lake Kivu, beaches, and bays. The Congo-Nile trail gives a clear glaze of Nyungwe Forest National Park and how the locals perform their economic activities such as grazing and farming. The name was derived from landmark/watershed that separates the Congo and Nile river, passes through Lake Kivu starting from the northern shores in Gisenyi. It ends in the Southern shores of Rusizi District. Along the way, you have an aerial view of the canopy leaves and have a clear sight for the colorful birds. Its best for bikers as they experience the beauty of  “Land of thousand hills” and fresh air.

The initial point of Congo-Nile Trail is in Rubavu District, which gives a free cost glaze of other tourist attractions and hotels. From biking, watersports may be possible in the evening hours. This marvelous adventure gives a breath taking scenic view hence giving a lifetime experience.


Congo Nile Trail

This trail passes through small shops and towns, valleys, waterfalls, small local markets and fishing villages. Along different path, come across young children and the elderly waving at you. Its your choice to have a stopover at Mugonero orphanage and at times be entertained by the local Rwandan dances. Reaching the climax of Congo Nile trail. Aim at  The Kiziba refugee settlement is also located near near the trail occupied by about 17,000 Congolese.

They are mainly four options for travellers to complete the trail; by a car, motorcycle, bike and walking and each has its own pros and cons.

Physical fitness and flexibility is required in most walking and biking in order to complete the trail. This gives a chance to connect and associate with the locals at any stopover of any choice. Since the trail is interested by many travellers, their are many chances to be joined by other new travellers along the way. Different means of completing the trail have different time periods.

While walking it takes 8- 10days depending on travellers speed well as biking takes about 4-6 days. In case the traveller cant manage to complete the trail at once, then he has to complete in sections at a time. The best time of hiking the trail are dry seasons therefore take note of the rainy seasons not to mess up, March – May and October – November. During rainy seasons it hinders movement through the trail since some parts be muddy.

When a traveler opts to complete the trail with a car, then its better to rent a car with 4X4 Car Rental Rwanda since they have GPS system. However, for other means of completing the trail the visitor has no worries since Rwanda Development Board provides maps with correct distances and directions. The RDB offices are located in Kigali, Musanze and Gisenyi.

Cars rented with our chauffeur, its ideal because they are well experienced with the routes unless you like to follow. The maps reflects the interesting places, landmarks, route changes and time taken passing through specific sections of the Congo-Nile trail incase the speed pere hour is maintained. For a sole traveler or while on self drive, requires a map and personal documents such as passport.

For safety in a foreign country, pack all the required equipment, food, and water for the long tour. At times visitors prefer to hire guides, porters and cooks for this journey. NOT to over burden yourself, book and hire services by one car rental company, 4X4 car rental Rwanda.

For the first travellers on this Congo-Nile trail experience, be ready enough to face the different sections of the trail which maybe rocky, dusty and hilly. Due to the interconnected hills  you will often be climbing and slopping. The Congo-Nile trail has many corners making it difficulty to see moving cars, motorcycles, pedestrians and primates therefore watch out!