Customized Jeep

Hiring a Customized Jeep in Rwanda: One of the tough and utilitarian 4×4 wheels mostly used on Africa terrains for inspirational safaris in Rwanda. The customized part is, its specially built for a safari with an inbuilt freezer, Ac, pop up roof for game viewing to support the inspirational journey. It definitely maneuvers all the Rwanda terrains and would definitely take you to all the corners of Rwanda. If you want to go camping in Rwanda, Then this is the vehicle for the kind of safari. we put a custom high-top roll cage on the Jeep, for added safety and better visibility for the passengers.

Customized JeepAnyone who has hired and driven our safari tour cars in Rwanda and in the back of a stock Jeep will appreciate the room for more visibility. Our 4 customized Jeep rental fleet Wranglers are built with 3-5 passenger capacity,. Of course, there are seat belts all around for travel safety. The rental price quoted for this car comes with comprehensive insurance, Bradt guide book, a detailed road map, unlimited mileage and a 24 hour roadside assistance.

Our Team should be able to give you great car hire in Rwanda travel insider tips for the best self drive safaris in Rwanda. Our well maintained car rental fleet Jeeps and more car hire fleets like the common self drive Toyota Rav 4 bring out the best of an inspirational journey in Rwanda.

Enjoy the best experience in the Toyota Jeep, the Jeep is considered as one of the best safari cars. The car can be used to climb any rough surface. Have the best journey in Rwanda through our Jeep cars.

Do you want to explore alone or with a driver. We make it possible to hire the cars with driver. our drivers are great people who know Rwanda very well. It is also possible to drive without a driver.