Exclusive Fleet - Get the best extensive fleet by considering us today.

Are you looking for the best Extensive Fleet of cars that can take you anywhere in Rwanda? We have the best Fleet which is maintained in the best mechanical conditions. Get ready to enjoy Rwanda in our extraordinary cars. Our Fleet consists of mostly 4-wheel cars for hire from Kigali City, for Self-driving and the best way to experience Rwanda’s thousand hills, Visiting the Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park on Self-drive Adventure, and Wildlife in Akagera National Park. Our Toyota Rav4, Land Cruiser is the perfect fleets to take you around Rwanda & Uganda. Rent a car in Rwanda today from within our Rwanda Car Hire Fleet and Drive Your Own Journey! The Knowledgeable work Staff of 4×4 Car Hire Rwanda is ready to help whenever you get lost.

4x4 Car Rental Rwanda

We offer Car rental & driver if requested. Enjoy the Road Trip to Rwanda with a 4×4 Car rental in Rwanda. Our service includes insurance, Rwanda accommodation, and Gorilla Permit reservations. We are always available to assist you during your African holiday.

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    Airport Transfers Rwanda - Kigali


    Have the best time in Kigali by thinking about us. We are here to make your life so good. We provide the most common car experience in Kigali. Initially, most of our clients were interested in hiring cars within Kigali. Other concepts of hiring cars outside Kigali came in later. We are proud to say that we are one of the first companies to establish ourselves to offer Kigali car rental services.

    Tours in Kigali.

    There are so many tourist attractions within Kigali and it is obvious that these attractions gain a lot of attention from tourists.  Because Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda and probably the most common town of Rwanda, many people always come to take a city tour to see what this beautiful and clean city has to offer. You may hear tour operators considering this activity as a Kigali city tour. Most of our Kigali car rental services provided to tourists are basically meant for the Kigali city tour.


    Apart from tourism, there are a number of businesses that go on in this city. Kigali being the capital city attracts lots of business and therefore some businessmen and women prefer to hire cars in Kigali for business purposes. we know exactly the importance of appearance during any business encounter and we always ensure that the car is first clean and that it smells nice. Then we think about the class of car that you would like to hire. Our fleet has cars which range from budget to luxury, the choice is normally yours as to what type of car that you are interested in.

    Weekend gate-aways Rwanda.

    The weekends are normally the best time to relax and it so happens that most people prefer to relax their own way. Most clients prefer to visit family and friends during that time, we have seen some clients for whom we offer our services using cars just to visit friends and family. Hiring a car from us for your car rental experience is always simple. You contact us and then you inform us about the kind of car that you would want to hire according to your budget. And from there, we can always discuss the options of cars that you would like to take. Next is to come to our offices and sign an agreement to take the car to any desired destination. You are more than welcome to come and hire a car in Rwanda from us.

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