Here are the Five Benefits of Servicing a car before and after a Rwanda Self Drive Trip. Self-drive safaris in Rwanda involve travelling long hours and long distances, an averagely of 200 kilometres and 5 hours on the road per day. For cars to manage such errands or ventures, they need great maintenance of servicing and repairing. Long-distance drives cause clogged air filters, low fluid levels and unevenly inflated tires and these can lead to damaging other essential parts in the car if not looked after. Therefore, it is recommendable for every vehicle before and after a self drive Rwanda to be checked and serviced to avoid the aforementioned issues.

Below are the Five Benefits of Servicing a car before and after a Rwanda Self Drive Trip:

  1. Prevention

Most parts in the rental vehicle will gradually require to be repaired or changed. Batteries, fan belts, tires, and brake pads are among the parts of the car that experience wear and tear at a greatly fast rate. They have to be checked regularly. Failure to do so not only escalates the possibilities of a car breakdown or putting other components of the car at stake. For instance, a greatly outlived fan belt causes the motor of the car to overheat and thus damaging or blowing off the engine. Attending slight issues earlier than causing major damages is one of the rewards of servicing the rental car. It is sufficient to note that the prevention of any damage is better and cheaper than fixing it when it comes to vehicle repair.

  1. Safety

Research has it that ten per cent of motor road accidents is because of mechanical faults. The mechanical damages are mainly caused by the irregular check-up and maintenance of car components like bad brakes, worn tyres and stiff steering. Make sure that your rental provider, offers to you a roadworthy vehicle. When the car is not regularly serviced and checked up, it can place the clients’ lives in danger.

  1. Economy

It would seem like a waste of money to maintain and service the car and most rental operators only do it when the car is badly off. What they forget is that impeding to fix the trivial faults and damages on the car consequences into mega problems that can cost lots of money. For instance, regularly changing the engine oil is way cheaper than fixing a blown engine due to lack or contaminated oil.

  1. Performance

It is not a surprise that a well serviced and regularly maintained car performs better than the neglected one. Other factors remaining constant, a serviced vehicle has better mileage to cover and more engine power thus steady and fast on the road. Remember, you need to visit the various tourist destination in Rwanda on time.

  1. Value

With a well maintained rental vehicle, you will have a good feel of the car and the value for your money. It will seem like a new one and hence have peace of mind during your self drive Rwanda. Rent today with 4X4 car rental Rwanda.

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