If you’re planning a self-drive safari in Rwanda to explore its various tourist places, some of the things to do research and prepare earlier for is hiring a vehicle. You may get carried away by the excitement of visiting a new place but you should plan and prepare for your trip. When you start looking for a self-drive rental in Rwanda, do not panic at the bad reviews posted on the various travel socials because it is normal to get one bad experience, focus on the positive ones. We can assure you that there is a great number of rental companies in Rwanda with perfect services that can make your self-drive safari a fulfilling experience. Here are the Guidelines For Hiring a Self Drive Rental in Rwanda.

1: Know what you need to Rent a Car.

There are specific requirements one must have to rent a car  without them no car hire company would do business with you. Here are some of the requirements;

  • Driver must be 21 years and above
  • A Valid Driver’s license in either English or French, an international driver’s license is recommended for foreign travellers who are non-east African citizens and residents.
  • Identification card or passport.
  • Payment of the rental by either cash or credit card.

2: Book your Rwanda car rental online ahead of time

There is a great possibility of getting a great car rental deal on the internet because of the surging number of rental operators. These operators are willing to offer their clients vehicles at a discounted rate to ward them off their competitors. The client also has a variety to choose from while booking online. It is also easy and fast to reserve a car rental in Rwanda on the web. All you need is an internet compatible gadget, do a few clicks and inquiries at your leisure and finally book yourself a rental car.

3: Read the fine print on the car rental agreement

it is essential to know the components of the quotation. You may land on a car rental operator on the web providing vehicles at a rate of 40$ per day and this sounds great! Until you confirm with them and get to know that other extra expenses were not included such as pickup and drop off fees, excess insurance, taxes and many more. Read the car rental contract and identify the fees and fines to pay additionally to your car rental deal. If it does not add up, you may opt to ditch the rental company and find a new one with lenient terms and conditions.

4: know where the operator is based

Online business is very tricky; someone might be based in Uganda or Kenya but operating in Rwanda. This is not good. In case of any inconvenience, they might not help you in time yet the one strictly based in Rwanda can be able. Therefore, know where the office of the rental company is located when hiring a car. We advise that you book with a company based in Rwanda for better arrangement and coordination for the whole car rental experience. Hire with 4X4 car rental Rwanda.

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