Embarking on a journey to Rwanda, perhaps to witness its majestic wildlife? The idea of driving through picturesque landscapes in your preferred vehicle is enticing. So, you select a specific car model online and proceed to book it. But, to your dismay, upon arrival, you’re handed the keys to a completely different car. Why does this happen? Here is how to acquire the right Rental vehicle on Your Rwanda Trip.

Understanding Car Rentals:

Often, the vehicle you choose online comes with the tag ‘or similar.’ This might appear deceiving but it’s rooted in the way rental cars are categorized and booked. Instead of specifying a particular model, cars are booked based on their characteristics, represented by a four-letter code known as the ACRISS (Association of Car Rental Industry Systems Standards) code. It designates factors like car type, door count, gear type, fuel, and the presence of air conditioning.

To simplify, think of it like reserving a table at a restaurant. You specify the time, number of guests, and any special needs, but generally, you won’t be able to pick the exact table. Similarly, while you can book a car category, the exact model isn’t assured.

Reasons for Car Model Variability:

Inventory Turnover: Rental agencies deal with a dynamic inventory. The exact vehicles on hand can change daily due to repairs, maintenance, or high demand. If the entire stock changes between your booking and collection time, it complicates the matching process.

Global Model Variance: While you might prefer a vehicle you’re familiar with, the same model might not exist in other countries. Every nation has its popular makes and models, which affects rental availability.

Surprise Upgrades: There’s a silver lining to this unpredictable system. If the car category you selected isn’t available, you’ll typically receive an ‘upgrade’. This means a better or larger vehicle at no additional cost.

Enhancing Your Odds of Getting the Desired Car:

While there’s no sure fire way to get your dream car every time, certain strategies can improve your odds:

Early Bookings: The earlier you reserve, the better. Last-minute bookings restrict your choices, leaving you at the mercy of whatever’s available.

Opt for Larger Rental Agencies: Bigger companies typically have a more extensive inventory, enhancing the probability of matching your preference.

Select Uncommon or Luxury Vehicles: By opting for a less common or high-end vehicle, you reduce the chances of it being overbooked. But remember, luxury comes at a cost, both in the deposit and the daily rental rate.

Pay for a Guarantee: Some rental companies offer guarantees for specific models, but this service often comes with a substantial fee and may bind you to that particular company.

In conclusion, while the world of car rentals may seem unpredictable, understanding the system can help set your expectations right. It’s all about strategizing, booking early, and being open to the delightful unpredictability of the journey ahead. After all, sometimes, the unplanned moments and surprises create the most memorable experiences. Contact us for the best Rental vehicle on Your Rwanda Trip.