Getting a great car hire company is of huge importance when looking for ground transportation means to get you around. Finding a great rental package and traveling with a reputable company makes a lot of difference. It does not only provide a productive experience but also a safe one. A reputable car rental company in Rwanda has to work around the clock to offer the best they can to the client. Here is how to find the Best Car company.

Finding a great car rental company in Rwanda is not complex, in this article we shall tip you off on how to get the best one for your travel endeavors.

Ensure that you choose a rental company with well defined and disclosed pricing. Some companies tend to put an attractive rate on the website but as you commit to them, they disclose their extra hidden fees that must be paid on top of the website rate. Be aware of such companies and ensure to ask before you book if the website price is the final quote for your rental package. Extra fees crop out in form of baby seats, GPS, Pickup and drop off fees, extra insurance and many more. Be meticulous about them and always avoid promotional price because it comes with the aforementioned hidden charges most times.

It is a pity that these deceitful schemes seem to be the order of the day but this is not right at all. On the contrary, well established rental companies ensure that they offer the actual and well-defined rate.

To avoid hidden charges, request the rental operator to make a breakdown of all the expenses of all the services you need in your car rental combo. For instance, insurance cover, vehicle hire fees, camping gear, baby seat and GPS if you requested all those kinds of services.

Another way to find a good rental agency is to search for one with well-conditioned and latest models of cars. This is not only all about the appearance and the ease of driving but your safety and security too.

Though old cars tend to be cheap, if they break down you could have to spend some money and a difficult situation. Most times car rental agencies in Rwanda have road assistance in case of a car breakdown but it takes some reasonable time to replace or fix the car to get back on the road which is some inconvenience hence taking away the pleasure and excitement of your road trip.

Ask the rental provider about the model of the car they wish to hire you and also know whether it is maintained and serviced regularly. Go for a newer model and well-conditioned vehicle even if it is more expensive than the old one.

The third tip is to check the customer reviews when finding a good car rental company to travel by. A good car rental company will have rave remarks from its past clients on its different travel platforms. The best platforms to find customer reviews about a certain rental agency are Trip Advisor, Kayak, and lonely planet.

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