Iby’iwacu Village

Iby’iwacu Village is an exceptional village that a visitor should not miss out. The Iby’iwacu village gives you a chance to associate with rare people and the thatched houses being painted with different colors. The local people(dancers) imitate what happens in the King’s palace in Nyanza province and they genuinely welcome you to their community. Have time to understand the Rwanda culture, belief and traditions through stories, tales, dances and songs. After entertaining you, you given time to participate and become a Rwanda woman or man for the day. Feel at home to interact, share with the local people  and take part in the activities.

Iby'iwacu VillageWhat to Expect.

Community walk: Its guided by a community local person to show you the various sites, local schools and tale stories. Imitate the village ceremony when you enthroned and carried as a king or queen of Rwanda. Interact with pupils while at school and see how the education system is different from your home country. Travelers are moved by the local paintings, woven clothes, beautiful pots in the numerous local art shops.

Entertainment; Local Intore dance and songs. This exposes to several local  musical sounds including the Ingoma, Amakondera, Umuduri, Inanga, Iningiri, Ibyivugo and Agakenke that are used in dancing and singing. The popular dance is performed by Rwanda men with grass clothing, little bells and small cloth tired on their heads while holding a spear and a sheild in their arms.

This demonstrates how the warriors used to dance after defeating a battle in the field. Seat and relax as you listen to Rwanda melodies. These energetic men and ladies will be eager to see you participate.

Tales and stories; Expect to learn a story about Rwanda Culture and share it when back home. The stories will include on how to process the local herbal medicine from  trees, shrubs and grass. Have Dinner and overnight.

Iby'iwacu VillageParticipate in the process of local brewing ; Have you ever tasted the local brew? It’s a chance to participate in local banana brewery process. Learn the ingredients which mainly consists yellow bananas, water and given few days days to ferment. Finally, you in position to teach relatives and friends on how its processed.

and have a taste on local banana beer. Explore the Batwa pottery making experience, lessons and engagement. Take part in daily life activities to get to know the local people, their culture, and their ways of living since the Iby’iwacu village is fascinating with a variety of cultural experience.

Location / How to get there.

Iby’Iwacu village is situated in Musanze District near Volcanoes National Park in the Northern Province and its well known of being non- profitable organisation. Expect to share on how lifestyle is conducted back in your home country and vice versa. Visitors engage in ancient hunting, grazing, weaving baskets, potato peeling among others. Weaving baskets/mats has been admired by many travellers. Its  among the warded greatest villages for relaxation after the tiresome activities like gorilla trekking during the day. At the end of it all, buy a souvenir for your loved ones back home.