Travelling from one place to another can be such a challenge, especially in a foreign country like Rwanda. Public means are the cheapest and commonest means to move around but come with lots of issues like delays, putting up with strangers, unreliable and fixed stations and routes. They are not ideal for travellers who wish to visit the various tourist sites in Rwanda. Car rental services can do the job better than any other means since they are exclusive, have no travel distance restrictions, safe and comfortable. Know about the Key Considerations When Selecting Rwanda Self Drive Car Rental Services so that you plan your trip more efficiently.

This is why it is most self-drive travellers’ favourite. However, not every car hire company you come across will provide a great travel experience, you need to be keen on a few points to book with one that can do the right job. Below are some of the Key Considerations When Selecting Rwanda Self Drive Car Rental Services.

Status of the rental operator

One of the key points to look at when choosing a Rwanda self-drive car rental is reputation. What do former customers have to tell about their services? Did they have a great experience? Were the cars in good condition? Did the rental personnel handle them well? Did they deliver the exact services as promised? You have read through the reviews of past clients to ascertain how the rental provider does business. A good rental company will have great remarks from its past customers and you are advised to choose that.


Renting Rwanda self-drive rental will come at a price. But does the rate charged fit your budget and does it have any hidden costs like extra insurance, toll fees, government taxes, pickup and drop off fees? You need to know whole that by asking the reservation team. If the rate perfectly suits your bill, then go with that operator.  You should also negotiate for a reduction in the rate so that you can save some money on your rental deal.


Car rentals in Rwanda do not only offer self-drive but also car hire with driver services. Therefore, if you require a driver to take you around. You should do the vetting on the chauffeur the rental provider is willing to provide. Ask about their driving eligibility, experience, ability to communicate in English, temperament, integrity and punctuality. Check or look at their driver’s license, traffic offence record and academic qualifications. A driver is your navigator and caretaker on your trip if he is competent you are highly likely to have a splendid travelling experience in Rwanda.

Extra Services offered

You might need other additional services like camping gear which could be a rooftop tent or ground camping, GPS, a baby seat and requisition of gorilla and chimpanzee permits.  You have to choose the rental company that is in a position to offer those extra services so that you may have that bit of convenience on your self-drive trip in Rwanda.


The type of rental car you wish to travel by is very important. The features to check on the vehicle are seating capacity, model, fuel consumption, transmission system and wheel drive system. Sure, you need to get from one point to another, but the journey is the important thing here. The right vehicle can make a very big difference in your travel enjoyment.

These Key Considerations When Selecting Rwanda Self Drive Car Rental Services will make your trip more enjoyable. hire a car with 4X4 car rental Rwanda and enjoy several benefits