We have a variety of low priced cars in Rwanda. Finding low-priced cars to hire in Rwanda can sometimes be tricky but with our services at our company, we can give you a variety of cars so that you can hire a car of your choice from our fleet whether you are going for holidays in Rwanda for a few days or even for a long time like a fortnight. People prefer choosing the low-priced cars for long time obligations like one is going a number of activities like trip research, business trip or a family vacation in a foreign land.

The benefit of using the low priced cars for a long time is you have the right to control your own travel schedule, time and a penny. The money saved may go for luxurious attractions within Rwanda such as beaches along Lake Kivu. One controls his/her travel time and place when using car hire services because the vehicle he/she uses becomes private and exclusive to him/her alone making it convenient. There is no inconvenience as compared to using a public means of transport in a foreign country because it has a certain time it is supposed to leave or arrive at a certain destination.

Your independence is at its peak while using low priced cars in Rwanda from us for the long term as you are the driver and there is no passenger to inconvenience you with other destinations and stopovers. You enjoy the comfort of your ride at any time to do anything on the road as you drive in Rwanda as there is no third party to intervene in your privacy. As you wish, photographs are possible at any point of your choice. For proper directions, make use of GPS and google or downloaded maps.

Using cars from us makes your destination a ride away and also covers a wide range of attractions in case you are on a vacation since they are in proper mechanical condition. The other option, a traveller may decide to hire our chauffeur or our driver such that he enjoys the journey in the land of green rolling hills. Our chauffeurs or drivers are experienced with driving permits. When using car hire, you travel directly to your destination without any stopovers or taking any other route that is not on your itinerary which isn’t the case with the public transport whereby the buses make a stopover and also take some other routes to cater for other passengers. Also, car hire services can reach any destination at any time so the traveller is able to cover a wide range of attractions in a short period of time.

We give a variety of travel options. We provide convenient cars that give you a memorable experience such as Toyota land cruiser, Land Rover Defender, and Toyota Rav4. During a weekend vacation with your friends, big cars are also available like vans/coastal bus that can accommodate a bigger number of people altogether.

Our cars come with insurance, warning triangles and airbags to caters to the damages like accidents and breakdowns while traveling. This gives you peace of mind as you are safe on the long road trip in case of an unforeseen problem and also you do not have to spend any money on repair or amends of the car. Hire a car with 4X4 car rental Rwanda.

Considering car rental services for the long term is the best ground transportation since its easy to also cross borders with a rental car. It’s convenient, safe and comfortable.