Rwanda’s rapid development has extended its footprint deep into its transport industry. While traditionally, the emphasis was largely on public means of transport, now, private transport services such as car rental services, metered rental services, and special hires are experiencing a surge in demand. Out of these, car rental services, particularly those with a driver, stand out. They’ve gained immense popularity, especially among executive travelers who prioritize safety and convenience. If you’re contemplating using Car Hire with Driver in Rwanda, it’s pivotal to equip yourself with these 8 crucial insights.

Diligent Drivers:

You aren’t just getting a driver; you’re getting a chauffeur. These individuals are rigorously trained, seasoned, and well-versed with all the routes in Rwanda. Their primary goal is to ensure the passenger’s safety. As a bonus, their defensive driving ensures that you’re in safe hands during your Rwandan tour.

Well-conditioned and Good-looking vehicles:

Nothing beats the feel of traveling in a pristine, elegant vehicle. Most rental companies in Rwanda offer cars that are not just functionally efficient but also aesthetically appealing. This ensures that the traveler experiences a journey steeped in luxury and comfort, making it especially beneficial for those on business trips aiming to make a positive impression.

Client Ratings:

Booking blindly can be risky. Hence, before settling for any car rental company, always sift through customer reviews pertaining to the driver you might be paired with. These testimonials, which can be located on travel forums like Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet, or on the rental company’s official site, offer invaluable insights about the driver’s professionalism, conduct, and efficiency.


Punctuality is the hallmark of car hire services with drivers in Rwanda. The drivers are seasoned professionals who respect the travelers’ time constraints. They realize the importance of adhering to a strict travel plan, and any delay can potentially sour the travel experience. Hence, you can usually expect them to be on point with their timing.


One of the standout features of car hire with a driver in Rwanda is the unparalleled flexibility it offers. There’s no fixed route or schedule. You have the freedom to tailor-make your journey, deciding when and where to go.

Auxiliary Services:

Adding a cherry on top are the complementary services that come along. These range from baby seats to travel magazines and even free airport transfers. Each of these amenities is designed to enhance the travel experience, making the journey smoother and more enjoyable.

Plan the Travel Programme:

While you might have a rough itinerary in mind, no one knows Rwanda better than these drivers. They can help refine your travel plan, suggesting local hotspots, accommodations, and activities that you might otherwise miss out on.

Additional Support:

The services aren’t just confined to driving. These chauffeurs go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Whether it’s helping with luggage, assisting in shopping, or making recommendations, they are ever-ready to make your Rwandan adventure memorable.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to explore the raw beauty and cultural richness of Rwanda, doing so with a hired car and driver is perhaps the best way. Not only does it promise safety and convenience, but the added perks and amenities elevate the entire travel experience. The next time you’re planning a Rwandan journey, remember these eight points to ensure a trip that’s both smooth and fulfilling.