Car hire in Rwanda has been the most popular phenomenon among travelers with about 80% using it to tour around the country. There are both cons and pros of hiring a car, particularly when critical points are not noted. Among the points to note for Car Hire Rwanda are:


A quote is one of the key points to consider before you book a car. You should hire a car which best suits your financial standing.


Insurance is one of the most important things to consider while renting a car because it protects you from being liable for the damages caused to the car. It is encouraged to hire a car in Rwanda that is comprehensively insured against third party, theft, and collision damage waiver.


The intended purpose of the car is a point to note. This helps you to hire the right type of car to perform your nature of travel. For instance, if you are going for a business meeting in Kigali, you will need an elegant and good-looking vehicle like a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 to create a good impression on the clients you intend to meet.

Vehicle type and model

One needs to know the type of car and model to book. The vehicle must be of one’s familiarity and convenience. You should hire a car that is close to what you drive at home. If you have a big car at home, then an SUV can be the right car to hire. You should also stipulate whether you are comfortable with an automatic transmission or a manual one.

Rewards of renting a car.

Renting a vehicle offers the liberty to travel anywhere you wish to go. All you need to do is refill the tank at maximum level and let the operator know the destination you wish to travel and let the ride roll anywhere.

Car rentals are faster than public means. Car rentals tend to transfer you straight to your preferred destination without stopovers, unlike the public means where there is a need to wait till the car is at full capacity and more so there are frequent stopovers to embark and disembark other passengers.

In the long run, Car Hire  is money-saving since you are charged a standard rate. A specific fee is charged per day regardless of where you travel to and this turns out to be cheaper than any other means where you are charged per distance travelled.