A moment you pick interest to trek gorillas, procedures to acquire your Rwanda Gorilla Permit are simple as summarized below. When planning  for a tour in Rwanda you might ask yourself questions like; What is a gorilla permit?, How do i buy a gorilla permit?, Can i book a gorilla permit in advance?, and Where can i buy Gorilla trekking permit? But the answer is so simple.

A gorilla trekking Permit;- It is simple card or document that allows you to spend one hour with the Gorillas issued by  Rwanda Tourism Board (RTB) or Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) in case of Uganda. This card can be only be obtained through a registered Tour or Travel Company.

Procedures to acquire your Rwanda Gorilla Permit is the first thing to be done in case you wondering how to get it. Gorilla trekking is the most enjoyed activity by tourist in Rwanda this due to the Dense natural vegetation like in Virunga volcanoes and  many others.  Its a must to obtain a Gorilla Permit in case you to go for Gorilla trekking in Rwanda. Booking a Gorilla Permit in advance is the best way to go which can be in a period of six months or even a year if you’re travelling during peak season or in a group. The busy peak season are June to September and December to February. Always the earlier the better to book for a permit because the more choices you have on where to track and for accommodation. Booking in the last hours it can also be possible though in low seasons but their access ain’t guaranteed. The low seasons are October to November and March to May.

A gorilla permit in Rwanda costs $750 per person per day. Per day their are availability of 80 permits therefore, 80 people are allowed to track gorillas. Visitors allowed to spend with the gorilla for a maximum of one hour. Due to a high demand for gorilla trekking permits thought out the year it’s advisable to book in time to avoid any inconvenience.

Rwanda Development Board (RDB) is in charge of all the permits and on behalf of the government.  It also wants you to enjoy visit in Rwanda. Book your Permit now to enjoy tracking the endangered mountain gorillas!!

How and why do you book a gorilla permit through a travel or tour company?

Procedures to acquire your Rwanda Gorilla Permit through a travel or tour company is very simple and saves time than through Rwanda Development Board . This is why majority of the tourists to Rwanda prefer.  Another reason is that they have a wide   knowledge of the various Gorilla families to trek and best places to find them. They can as well advise you on the places of accommodation and to extend your tour in case you want too.

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The following are the procedures to book the gorilla permit through a tour agent.

Step 1: Contact us through giving us a call or an email; All these details are available on our website. The main emphasis is put on your travelling date and  Exact dates you may want to track the gorillas.

Step 2: We later let you know about the availability of gorilla permit on your particular dates. Also request for a deposit in order to secure you a gorilla permit and avoid any inconvenience .

Step 3: The deposit is made in a bank accompanied with the details.  The payments may either be done through a Bank wire transfer or Charging a credit card. This takes about 3-4 days for the money to reach our account.

Step 4: Immediately the money reaches our account, we send you a notification. The bank charges through a credit card is about 5% and about USD35 through wire transfer.

Step 5: The other requirements are the passport details  such as Name, Number, and nationality which are needed to be printed on the gorilla permit.

Step 6: We then reserve your gorilla permit. The receipt depends on the deposit and finally send you  scanned copies of the permit.

Note that: Rwanda gorilla permit guarantees you to see the gorillas on you tour.