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Rent a car Rwanda

Rent a car Rwanda services is highly effective with 4X4 car rental Rwanda.  4X4 car rental Rwanda has been choose by clients to be efficient at providing the best rent a car Rwanda services through the reviews which they write. If you check our TripAdvisor and google reviews; you will understand how we offer our rent a car Rwanda service. The company’s rent a car Rwanda service is simply unwatchable. There are many reasons why you may opt for a rent a car Rwanda service: If you are going for a self drive around Rwanda, 4X4 car rental Rwanda shall be available to offer the best services at a competitive price. we have safari cars ready to rented at our premises

Part of our challenge is always to ensure that we make people’s weddings colorful by offering the best wedding cars, we have a fleet of luxury branded cars all dedicated to our wedding clients. Before finalizing with your wedding meetings, it is always better to talk to us to see your budget and your preferences such that we could offer the best car rental experience to you

Why use 4X4 car rental Rwanda for “rent a car Rwanda” services?

To get the best of your car hiring experience, you need to hire a professional team of people. At 4×4 car rental Rwanda, we know that we are professional enough and we are able to offer your our car rental service for any scope of project. whether the project is too small, our services shall truly fit in your budget and if you are having a big project and you thinking about the right patterns, we have the best cars for any occasion.

Friendly prices

Our car rental prices are generally affordable. we always put several factors into consideration before deciding the final car prices and in addition, we always make several surveys which include most of our clients who always give us a feedback about our pricing models. We are always keen to listens and if there is need to adjust, we always call upon the board of directors meeting to decide on the best way to execute this. Generally, our prices are some of the best in the car rental business in Rwanda

Nice terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions are fair to any client. one of the foremost condition that we can’t change as regards to car hire on a self drive option is that each client must possess a valid driving permit. The rest of the conditions are always flexible

Community services is part of our goals

As a company that understands the needs of our community; we always ensure that we give back in the best way possible. Our focus is always about empowering the young generation to be more productive, we ensure that our community fund put back some of the school children back to school and at the same time, we always strive to see that the old people live a better life

Rent a car in Rwanda today with 4X4 car rental Rwanda