Our professional driver guides are very knowledgeable about Rwanda and you will always have the best experience. Get a Professional Driver Guide in Rwanda. Specifically, the emphasis for this particular article is put on the reasons why you Rent a Car with a Driver Guide. The hidden secret for your explicit tour you need a skillful, professional and a hardworking driver. This will also enable you to focus on your main interest. The 4×4 car rental Rwanda professional Driver Guide takes you from the time you drop at the airport to all your destinations. This driver guide knows all the corners to all the destinations following a well-designed itinerary in Rwanda.

Yes, we know you would also want to self drive which is also right. But our guides are not only skillful but are well used to these roads, and as you know Rwanda is a ‘Land of a thousand hills’. Give us this opportunity to let you ¬†discover the hidden treasures of these beautiful lands.

To ensue a finest safari experience, rent a car with a our professional Driver Guide!!

Our chauffeur Transfer Service
For your journey to unfamiliar territory, the professional driver guide picks you from Kigali International Airport. He will be available on your particular day of travelling and at the exact time. These will be according to the information you have provided us. This implies that you will not have to hustle with the public means.

Daily Chauffeur Drive
This mostly available to the VIP option. You just have to sit in our luxury comfortable vehicle and relax as you be driven to your destination.

Reasons why rent a car with a Driver Guide.

1. First and foremost, our car rental with driver each is fully competent, have dignity, trust and responsible. These drivers have attended the best driving schools and also have valid Rwandan Permits. Including;- Government security clearances and first aid certificates.

2. Our chauffeurs have great experience in driving and also to the different city tours and park tours. This is because they have adequate knowledge about routes to popular local attractions.  Therefore, you can be assured of a safe road trip to any destination you will be visiting.

3. Our Driver Guide have affordable rates in the most convenient way possible of your destinations. They are also available for formal occasions such as conferences and meetings accompanied with our vehicles.

4. Fluent in different languages. They might not be all languages but majority of the official languages. Theses include; English, Kiswahili, Runyakitara, Spanish, French and Germany