As you plan to rent a car with 4×4 Car Rental Rwanda, road trip clues and guidelines in Rwanda will be listed for your own safety in Rwanda. Majority of the tourist prefer trekking but to have a different life experience is to opt for renting a car. Different tourist use various means due to their personal reasons but for safety purposes it is always better to go for a road trip. Rwanda is not a safest country however much its the cleanest in Africa, therefore you advised to rent a car. Learn more about road trip clues and guidelines in Rwanda.

Currently, Rwanda is developing mostly in the section of tourism. The infrastructure system has been improved upon making it easier to explore the Land of a ‘1000’ Hills by car.

For a best road trip in Rwanda, here are the road trip clues and guidelines in Rwanda to know before you start your journey;

1. Passport and Visas Information:

The first thing to always put in consideration is to move a long with a valid passport and visa. According to the policy of visas in Rwanda, all visitors are required to own one and nationals of countries without an embassy can obtain a visa on their arrival. This arrangement can be done  by their hosts, who can arrange the facilities.

2. Be aware of a variety of terrains.

Since Rwanda is a land of thousand hills, you will experience different types of terrain while in Rwanda. However, most of the streets are paved in Kigali city as you will see. In the out skirts of  Kigali city there are  some that are not and you will be welcomed with red dirt road. On top of that some few are littered with potholes which will give you a massage on your way. This will be part of your experience with in Rwanda.

3. Avoid Driving at Night.

This is also important because most areas out of Kigali are dark more so within the parks. On the road, everyone drives with their high beams on at night, which is very blinding and dangerous for drivers. Therefore, its always safe to travel during day time. On the other hand, the potholes on the dirt roads makes it hard to see the road conditions and this may lead to accidents late in the night. For your safety on your road trip make sure you give yourself enough time to your journey.

4. Health & Safety:

As you plan for a visit in Rwanda a certificate of yellow fever vaccination is mandatory. This is to  ensure your safety within the country. Also, you advised not eat any food along road sides and tap water  for your  good stay in Rwanda. To be on a safe side, you advisable to buy bottled mineral water provided in different towns all over the country.

4. Traffic Jam Inconveniences.

Within Kigali city, be prepared for traffic and the roundabouts. The roundabouts are many though their are no rules for entering and exiting. For the traffic lights, the only solution is to be well equipped and follow the instructions.  The drivers of 4×4 car rental Rwanda are all very nice and it will seem to be convenient.

5. Put on the seat-belt:

This is ignored by majority of the tourists, yet its useful and simple. Immediately you seat in a car pull the belts and pass them across. You need to be well equipped because its hard to control how other people drive. The main issue is not to just wear a seat belt but it helps to save your life in case of any accident.

6. Do not drink and drive:

This doesn’t only concern the driver but also the people seated. For a best road trip contact us. You might be excited and take some strong alcoholic drink, this puts your life at risk.

7. Communication Languages:

Most tourists find it difficult to communicate with the natives but currently in Rwanda official languages used include French and English. Therefore no more worries with the indigenous language Kinyarwanda. These official languages are also found in the tourist centers. Contact us to know more about Road Trip Clues and guidelines in Rwanda.