Rwanda car hire

Car hire Services in Rwanda

Rwanda car hire is one of the most common offered services by our company 4×4 car rental Rwanda. Many people always look out for cars to hire within Rwanda and we have been providing this service for quite some good time.

Who needs Our car hire Rwanda?


Most tourists are always looking for various ways of getting to understand Rwanda and one of the ways of doing that is by travelling to so many places around Rwanda. Although tourists come and travel mostly to national parks as part of their wildlife adventure, sometimes, many of them go beyond that. They travel to least unknown parts of Rwanda for specific reasons and this is the time when they come to use for car hiring. Up to date, we have lost count of the number of tourists who have used our company to hire cars within Rwanda but the number is really big. If you are a tourist and you are planning to come to Rwanda for adventure, I would suggest that you hire a car from 4×4 car rental Rwanda. we have a good fleet of tourism cars which include most of the common 4×4 car rentals cars like the 4×4  Toyota super custom, 4×4 Toyota landcruiser extended, 4×4 Toyota Rav 4, 4×4 Toyota landcruiser v8 and others.

Business people

Most people come to Rwanda with business in mind. These types of individuals are always looking for tools to accomplish their mission and one of the most important tools is the car. Since some come for a short stay , it makes sense to hire a car instead of buying that car. Our company knows the exact problem of such individuals and we always work tirelessly to provide them with the best cars that represent their mission and vision. For any business man or woman planning for a trip in Rwanda, I know that at one point in time, you shall need a car for hire. Simply hire the best luxurious cars from us. We have a good fleet of cars that are luxurious and budget in nature. Whatever car hiring budget that you have, we surely have the cars to satisfy your needs. Come and book your Rwanda car from Rwanda car hire.

Kigali car hire is so common among car hire clients. 4×4 car rental Rwanda is one of the companies that offer the best Kigali car hire services