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KN 5 Airport Road, Remera – Kigali, Rwanda +250 725 074 659

Rwanda Chauffeur Hire for 4×4 Car Rental Rwanda caters for the holistic needs and requirements of your lifestyle and not simply Rwanda car rentals. We have luxury Rwanda car rental solutions for your holidays, special occasions or business and security requirements. Our Car hire services are available in Rwanda. Our car rental services are conveniently situated in Rwanda.

Rwanda Chauffeur Hire4×4 Car Rental Rwanda’s chauffeur service supplies a convenient, professional service for tourists and businesspersons. Chauffeur services are a practical means for executive and leisure travelers to mobilize themselves when arriving in a city.

Chauffeur drive services are used as a popular alternative to airport transfers as they provide a flexible form of transport often used by business executives, time-pressed travelers or people new to a city. 4×4 car rental Rwanda offers private chauffeur drive transfer from Kigali international airports, door-to-door services and private sightseeing tours in Rwanda’s major cities.

Rwanda Chauffeur HireChauffeur Information

CABS trained chauffeurs will meet you, and transport you around in professional style. Wait for you while you conduct business making your journey seamless and an enjoyable experience. We will even draw up an itinerary to take you around and recommend to you the “must see” local destinations throughout Rwanda. We will be happy to work with your suggested itinerary.

All vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking systems and the latest satellite navigation. We will accommodate groups and/or individuals. An itinerary is optional; however, it is strongly recommended. We offer full and extended days of services.

Our professional Rwanda Chauffeur Hire service offers a range of cars driven by your own CABS Chauffeur, available in Kigali, Rwanda.

A variety of benefits are cited for with 4×4 Car Rental Rwanda chauffeurs, including convenience, productivity, time savings, and driving safety for those corporate business people, events leisure groups or just simple holiday makers that could make use of the relaxed Chauffeur service for their entire holiday period.

Get the best car hire Rwanda good drivers who know all the best places and destinations in Rwanda from  4×4 Car Rental Rwanda.

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