Hike Mountain Bisoke and have a lifetime experience. Hiking the dormant Volcano, Mountain Bisoke should not miss on your activities to do in Rwanda. Bisoke was derived from swahili language which means soaked in water. It takes 5-6houirs to hike up and 2-3hours to hike down. The crater lake on top has a spectacular viewwhich was created as a result of volcanic eruptions.

The virunga mountains are mainly 3, Mountain Bisoke of 3711 meters above sea level, Mt. Sabinyo and Mt. Muhabura located along borders of Rwanda, Uganda & the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, the biggest portion sprawls in Rwanda The mountain is one of the series of volcanoes that make up the Virunga Mountain Range which sprawls and including the peak & two stunning crater lakes.

Mountain Bisoke

During Mountain Bisoke hiking, you will across different green vegetation types which includes Bamboo, the Hagenia forest, Alpine and finally through senerio lobelia. Also, realise primates on your way such as Mountain Gorillas, Golden Monkeys, Forest Elephants, Buffaloes, and bird species.

Mountain Bisoke hiking.

Early in the morning 7:00 am, hikers are expected to be at the headquarters of Kinigi such that they start hiking Mountain Bisoke which takes roughly 6 hours to and fro. Travelers are briefed on some few do’s and don’ts while in the park, assigned park rangers to ensure a safe hike.

This explicit adventure is enjoyed by both experienced and non-experienced hikers. For experienced hikers it less by 3 hours and sometimes less to get to the top. The park rangers provide you hiking sticks for support on the steep slopes and at this moment, hire a porter for extra luggages at an affordable prices.

The armed rangers are experienced and capable to protect you on your way. They were trained in better institutions in Kigali city and are natives in Kinigi area. The rangers are very fluent in the official languages such as English, French and Swahili.

The briefing goes for 1 hour, ending at exactly 8:00 am. It’s a 30-40 minutes drive to the volcano¬† from the headquaters of Kinigi. Enjoy the short ride as you prepare for the 6 hour hike on rocky slopes.

At the foothills the slope ain’t that steep as you may think. Its advisable for non-experienced hikers to walk at their own pace since the aim is to reach at the top of Mt. Bisoke. The weather at the top of the volcano determines the time to spend. At times, travellers decide to opt for a picnic during a sunny day.