Hire a car with 4×4 car rental rwanda.

29 May

Hire a car with 4×4 car rental rwanda.

For a great stay in Rwanda, hire a car with 4×4 car rental Rwanda at cheap and affordable prices. 4×4 car rental Rwanda aim at providing you the best services that value your money. Our services are to travelers including solo tourists, couples, back-packers, families as well as small groups. For all our services bookings are done online fast and easy.  We provide different service to and fro Kigali Airport, Hotel, conference halls and different tourist attractions. According to your details you prevailed us with, it will be at the Airport with one of our drivers. It will be there on that particular date of travel. Your arrival time doesn’t matter whether at night or during day time, we shall be there ready with your rental car when you get off your flight.

Our hire cars are also hired for luxury not only for tours, besides that they are comfortable and affordable. We provide for a small 4-door car , station wagon or mid-sized vehicle van or shuttle for group. Depending on your choice, 4×4 car rental Rwanda is willing to provide you any car of your choice at best rates. Though, your comfort-ability with our car is our priority.

Car hire services.

If you ready to hire a car from us, we offer various services which include;-

  • Self drive trips
  • Long term rentals
  • Guided safaris in Rwanda
  • Conference transport
  • Driver hire
  • city tours plus airport transfers to & from Kigali Airport
  • Planning to visit a national park.

You may be sure that traveling to Rwanda the beautiful land but still wondering you have come to the right place. Besides that, you might not be familiar with the roads of Rwanda, we provide best chauffeurs at an affordable rates. Our drivers aim at providing the best services worth every penny you pay. Its your choice to inspect your available rental car.

Some of the cars to hire are;-

Rent a Toyota with pop-up

Rent Toyota Rav 4

Rent a 4×4 Camp Jeep

Rent a Toyota Prado ARB 4×4

What are the requirements for self drive in Rwanda?

For self drive in Rwanda requires mainly an international Driving Permit. An International Driving Permit (IDP) is an official document or a card that validates your driving licence in other countries. In majority of the countries this is a requirement for hiring a car.

For your safety, DON’T ever risk to drive without it, because it may lead to high fees. This also differentiates from a gambler. Therefore, if your permit is in a different language and not in English, its better to get an accurate translation for it. On addition, this permit is slightly larger than your passport.

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