Have you ever asked yourself why the majority of visitors prefer the exceptional road trip in Rwanda? The main case is because of the million memories they experience along any of the journeys to different destinations. However, this also depends on the tour company you have undertaken on a journey. To fully explore the beauty of Rwanda, opt for a road trip for the best view of the rolling hills and ridges all over. The majority of travellers will be witnessed on the exceptional Rwanda road trip.

Road Trip is not the only option however, it’s the BEST. In Rwanda, there are a variety of comfortable and affordable means of transport which may include water and air transport depending on your schedule and budget.

On the road trip, different cars can be hired at an affordable price, the Safari Land Cruiser with a pop-up, Land Rover, Toyota Rav 4 or coastal bus for those to travel in a group. The choice of your car depends on your final destination which could be genocide memorial sites, National parks and many more. For a road trip experience to different memorial sites, you will have a chance to meet the busy capital city of Rwanda, Kigali and also witness why Rwanda is said to be the cleanest in Africa. The highways are perfectly crafted with clear brilliant lines and at night the street lights are clear enough. Traffic lights work is respected and vehicles stop at pedestrian crossings. The pace of cars and taxi’s do not speed.

On your travel towards your final destination, you are able to watch the different landscapes and local people on their different daily activities besides the road. Note that different destinations have different unaware experiences along with the traveller. With a road trip, you able to get close or have stopovers to take photographs with your loved ones. There’s no better way of viewing every creature than on a Rwanda road trip.