One of the duties of a responsible driver is parking a car in a safe place. The most challenging places to park a vehicle are crowded areas such as restaurants, shopping malls, tourist places, hotels, recreation centers, and many more. These Tips for Safe Parking of Your self Drive Rental in Rwanda will help you to ensure your rental car is safe at all times and you are not breaking any laws with where you decide to park.

This gets so tricky, especially for a foreign traveller who has hired a car to drive around. It is important for hirers to be aware of certain things when parking the rental vehicle at any parking area whether in an open space or inside.

Below are the Tips for Safe Parking of Your Self Drive Rental in Rwanda.

Park in bright places or places with light: Parking in dark areas puts the rental vehicle at risk. The car stationed in a lonely area is liable to theft or stealing of some parts, scratches, and dents. Therefore, ensure to find an open and bright area to park the vehicle, in case you fail to find space inside the parking lot where you may have intended to station it.

Do not park the vehicle on busy and narrow streets. The busy streets host lots of moving cars and other automobiles hence putting the rental car at risk of being knocked or scratched. The car damages are very expensive to amend. Thus, it is wiser to lodge the vehicle on less crowded and busy streets.

Whenever you are getting out of the car ensure to lock its doors and windows. This saves a lot right from stealing your valuables and the car too. You should also try to keep your belongings left in the car in out-of-reach places. Before you leave the parking lot, look inspect and check every lock on the car is tight. You should also go further and look into the car to check if no person entered when you were parking and locking the vehicle.

It may be wise to park the vehicle under the shade of the tree to prevent it from heating up due to the scorching sunshine experienced in Rwanda. However, ensure to park it under a small tree with no big and heavy branches which could fall and damage it when a strong wind occurs.

Look around the environment when parking the car; take caution of the surrounding objects such as other cars, walls, and other standings to prevent scratches and knocks. Ensure that there is enough space on all sides when you are parking the car. Avoid squeezing the car near another car and also parking at the exit and entrance of the building as it inconveniences other people.

Parking in the right spots is very essential for maintaining and keeping the rental car on a self-drive Rwanda. As a traveller, you should read and understand the above Tips for Safe Parking of Your self Drive Rental in Rwanda.