Toyota Rav4

Have fun with our amazing Toyota Rav 4. Drive to any destination

In Rwanda, great tours are an increasingly popular means of travelling during a safari. holidays are a comfortable and flexible way to  travel with the assurance that your accommodation, route and facilities have been tried and tested. Hire a Toyota Rav4 in Rwanda. As an alternative to scheduled tours, self drive tours liberate you from rigid itineraries, allowing you to experience the natural splendor of Uganda the pearl of Africa at your own pace from the comfort of auto rental Uganda self-drive rental car.

The toyota Rav4 was designed for travelers who want a vehicle that has most of the benefits of Suv’s such as increased luggage space, higher visibility and the option of full-time four wheel drive along with the maneuverability and fuel economy of a compact car. Not all Toyota RAV4 cars are four-doors, some are 2 doors however we like to maintain the culture of self drive safaris. Our Rav’s (Recreational Active Vehicles) are absolutely a 4-wheel drive that we completely trust to maneuver the Rwanda Terrains. Absolutely used for game drives in the National parks and towards the mountain gorillas of Rwanda.

Toyota Rav4
Toyota Rav4

We have a Rav 4 that has a  60litres fuel Tank that can take you about 650 -700kms depending on the terrain and nature of driving. It is the ideal car for self drive safaris in Rwanda and has a full time 4WD capability that renders it the power to maneuver through the dusty, muddy and sometimes steep slopes around the countryside.

The Rav 4 is a compact suv with enough luggage space  with remarkably great power in comparison to other suvs. Our Team has used it for the past 5years and we do not have any major complain that could divert us from using the Rav4. Our Rav4 in our Rental Fleet as part of the self drive services come with a comprehensive insurance, Bradt guide book, Uganda road map, unlimited mileage, first aid kitbox, 24-7 roadside assistance and great insider travel tips.

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