Twin Lakes

Twin lakes (Ruhondo and Burera) in Rwanda were magically connected and the way one pours water in the other is so magical, spend time to witness this by yourself.  The physical connection of these two lakes marked the beginning of being called twin lakes. They are located near the home of the gigatic mountain gorillas, Volcanoes National Park in Musanze district. The twin lakes are specifically located at the base of the Mount Muhabura. The lakes offer tourists a beautiful view of the undulating plantations and the spectacular view of the landscape, wetland habitat, and water birds, Virunga volcanoes and local communities. At this point, you able to view the economic activiteis carriedout by the local people. You able to have a glimpse of neighboring uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. A boat ride on the fresh waters spices up the tour. On the same day in the evening, you have time to have cultural visits, bird watching and volcano hiking.  which together make a complete Rwanda safari package.

Unique twin lakes

At a distance the waters are viewed as green due to the surrounding thick green vegetation. The islands are occupied by the Rwanda people who warmly welcome you with smiles and explain more about their norms and culture. However, the tourists are given opportunity to engage in the local activities incase the time allows which may include digging, fishing and cooking the Rwanda cuisine.

While at the shores seat and enjoy the breathing taking scenery of these lakes. As explained above their, other  activities to be enjoyed while on this tour include;

Boat cruising. This involves renting a boat for specifically boat cruising with locally dug canoes to different islands on these lakes. The boat ride gives you a chance to enjoy the different lanscapes and the various wild water animals.

Bird watching. This mainly goes to birders to not miss the tour to the twin lakes. since its a habitant to many bird species because of the favourable weather conditions.

Sightseeing. From the time you’ve gone to the twin lakes you may spend the whole watching the amazing natural creatures.

5 day lake Kivu & Volcanoes tour

The Northern province of Rwanda where the Twin lakes (Ruhondo and Burera) in Rwanda are located best describes the beauty of Rwanda  and why its referred to as land of a thousand hills. In this province, there are many  tourist attractions such as gorilla mountains, and caves among others. The mysterious magical flow of water from one lake to the other gives a memorable experience in Rwanda. On the same tour to twin lakes (Ruhondo and Burera), visitors may decide to opt to have boat cruise on L.Ruhondo and spot many various birds in the sky with a help of a Pair of Binoculars. Birds include herons, stalks and kingfisher.

The Twin lakes have Islands within which can be reacheable by a boat, best for capturing photograghs and sight seeing. Boat cruising is preferrable in the afternoon and this activity can be additional to other activites that takeplace in the morning hours like chimp and gorilla trekking

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