There are lots of things you should forego to help you save money on your car  deal. When you avoid these things, you are likely to pay what you were quoted at the beginning no any hidden extra costs. Here is What to Avoid When Renting a Car to Help You Save Money.

Do away with extra car rental insurance. This is one of the mistakes some travelers do as a way to fully safeguard themselves from liabilities. The comprehensive insurance that comes from the rental operator is enough to cover you up. Why would you look at the negative side, keep positive and be hopeful that nothing will happen to the car. Do you know that the extra insurance is nonrefundable regardless of whether the car got an issue or not? Therefore, decline the extra insurance and hire a car with only comprehensive insurance. One thing you must do is to drive carefully so that the vehicle does not get any issue that is not covered by the comprehensive insurance.

Agreed to the quarter to quarter fuel pickup and drop-off clause. Do not request for a fuel tank because you will be required to drop off the car with a full tank too thus more money being spent on your rental deal. Agreed to the quarter by quarter fuel policy, a quarter fuel tank is not expensive, it costs a few Rwanda francs.

Do not ask for extra services.  The additional services come with an extra fee which can make your car rental deal costlier in the long run. Extra services such as a baby seat and GPS are trivial items that you can do away with on your self-drive trip. The GPS can be replaced by google maps on the smartphone, the google map has even more updated locations and routes of places than the GPS. For the baby seat, you can decide to carry one from your home other than hiring one. Foregoing extra services from the rental operator will make you save some money on your self drive rental in Rwanda.

Do not just drive off immediately the car rental personnel hands over the vehicle to you. Endeavor to check damages, dents, and scratches both on the exterior and in the interior. Take pictures and videos of the car. When you find some issues, write them down on the agreement and let the rental personnel sign against them. This reduces the possibility of paying for damages that you are not your doing.

Don’t return the car late: you should ensure that you drop off the rental car within the agreed time.  some car hire companies tend to slap fines for late return of the vehicle. if you have a long distance to cover on a self-drive trip in Rwanda, draft your itinerary well so that you don’t get caught out by time. always make the day, you are meant to return from your trip free from any engagement rather than dropping off the vehicle at the agreed point. This will enable the return of the car within the right time thus avoiding the unnecessary fines.

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