People visiting Kigali, Rwanda for the first time, the city is a historical and architectural marvel of beautiful cultural sites and modern buildings nestled on green rolling hills. It can be best explored by renting a private car. Car Rentals From Kigali International Airport are a great idea.

Below are the reasons why car rentals are the best means for Kigali airport transfers:

Kigali International Airport is Rwanda’s busiest and largest airport. The airport is such a huge facility and it is busy throughout the year and during all seasons because it connects Europe to other African countries.

The Airport is located in Kigali, the capital of the country on Lemela Road.  The airport host over 2 million passengers every year.

Kigali Airport is Rwanda’s most developed air transport station and is well equipped with all standard structures, shopping areas, and restaurants.

To travel from Kigali International Airport to Kigali suburbs and other areas in Rwanda, there are lots of means to choose from but car rentals are the perfect ones.

Car Rental Services operate within the city center and other remote areas of the country at any time of the day and night.

You simply have to book with an operator spill out your itinerary and the designated chauffeur from the company will be ready to take you around.

Travelers touring Kigali and Rwanda for the first time find car rentals as the best way for a leisure trip.

Car rentals are the easiest and the most stress-free way of finding one’s way in a city as busy as Kigali.

While public transport is not available during late hours of the night and is less frequent during public holidays, car hire services are available 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Neither bad weather nor public holidays can impede car hire services to the airport.

When tourists choose to hire a car beforehand it eases the fear of getting one’s way in a new city with their entire luggage and children if they have families.

All car rental services are legally registered and all driver guides have a valid driver’s license thus alleviating any worries of insecurity.

Car rental chauffeurs are honorable and they have a complete duty of transporting you from Kigali International Airport to your preferred destination safely and sound at that particular time.

They are well skilled to manage car and road situations and are well informed of all routes and locations and are familiar with even the remotest of all areas in Kigali and Rwanda at large.

Late-night traveling in a rental car is secure and safe and almost the only transport option since public means are unavailable at that time.

Renting a car to and from Kigali International Airport prevents you from the trouble of crowded buses and long queues.

Above all Kigali car rental is the perfect way to begin your safari by conveniently traveling to your hotel destination from the airport. This convenient travel helps you get the real flavor of Kigali city.