Often times when we think about renting a car, what come to our mind is renting a car for business trips. 4×4 Car Rental Rwanda intends to change that, with our breath-taking car rental deals, we have made it easier and affordable to rent a self drive for any reasons. Road trips are a great way to see stunning sights that is why you would not afford your family missing to sight them with you and have fun altogether. Are you in the moods for the weekend vacation to a national park or trip to the beach or probably jut town running? You should consider renting a car with us, because you will definitely save a lot, especially when you are to go on long cross country road trips. In this guide, we will highlight the main reasons why you should consider renting a car on a Rwanda trip.

Rent the Latest cars with us.

4×4 as a car rental business has for so long strived to offer the latest cars with the latest technology. We understand that we now live in the  in the 21st century, we equip our fleet with screen satellite navigation, Bluetooth, audio, seat warmers, and even rear seat video systems are some off the types of the technology that you might want to try out on your next road trip. You can’t enjoy them when you have not rented a car from a car rental company because they will get to know what you want an immediately improvise if necessary.

Enjoy a true taste drive

Have you been thinking about buying that new brand car model? Rather than just getting the five minutes around the block with a dealer panting in your ear about all the great features of your potential new ride, take it for the weekend trip. Our car rental deals make it affordable to try before you buy, and some car companies even sell cars.

Just to show off

Do you know that there is a plenty of ways to show off your image? Maybe your high school reunion this season or maybe on the weekend and you are looking at your old beater hoop tie. Your high school crush maybe there and you feel like impressing them with how well you are doing. Driving up in your 20 year old car whose bumper is falling off accompanied with the old mirrors held on the duct tape is not going to help that image. That is why we come up with an idea of renting a car so that you maintain your prestige and image.

We offer Unlimited Millage.

The biggest issue for you driving on your own  on the road trip is the wear and tears issue. Therefore that is why we give you a reason for Renting a Car on a Rwanda Trip that it will save you money on the repairs of the vehicle in the long run of the journey .

Back in the day we used to get a certain amount of the mileage that you are to drive on the rental cars and there you were entitled to pay for the extra mileage. But these days the rental companies have changed their offer that is  why rental cars come with unlimited mileage. If you are still wondering why consider Renting a Car on a Rwanda Trip, contact us today for more information.