Hire a car with 4×4 car rental rwanda.

26 Sep

Hire a car with 4×4 car rental rwanda.

For a great stay in Rwanda, hire a car with 4×4 car rental Rwanda at cheap and affordable prices. 4×4 car rental Rwanda aim at providing you the best services that value your money. Our services are to travelers including solo tourists, couples, back-packers, families as well as small groups. For all our services bookings are done online fast and easy.  We provide different service to and fro Kigali Airport, Hotel, conference halls and different tourist attractions. According to your details you prevailed us with, it will be at the Airport with one of our drivers. It will be there on that particular date of travel. Your arrival time doesn’t matter whether at night or during day time, we shall be there ready with your rental car when you get off your flight.

Our hire cars are also hired for luxury not only for tours, besides that they are comfortable and affordable. We provide for a small 4-door car , station wagon or mid-sized vehicle van or shuttle for group. Depending on your choice, 4×4 car rental Rwanda is willing to provide you any car of your choice at best rates. Though, your comfort-ability with our car is our priority.

Car hire services.

If you ready to hire a car from us, we offer various services which include;-

  • Self drive trips
  • Long term rentals
  • Guided safaris in Rwanda
  • Conference transport
  • Driver hire
  • city tours plus airport transfers to & from Kigali Airport
  • Planning to visit a national park.

You may be sure that traveling to Rwanda the beautiful land but still wondering you have come to the right place. Besides that, you might not be familiar with the roads of Rwanda, we provide best chauffeurs at an affordable rates. Our drivers aim at providing the best services worth every penny you pay. Its your choice to inspect your available rental car.

Some of the cars to hire are;-

Rent a Toyota with pop-up

Rent Toyota Rav 4

Rent a 4×4 Camp Jeep

Rent a Toyota Prado ARB 4×4

What are the requirements for self drive in Rwanda?

For self drive in Rwanda requires mainly an international Driving Permit. An International Driving Permit (IDP) is an official document or a card that validates your driving licence in other countries. In majority of the countries this is a requirement for hiring a car.

For your safety, DON’T ever risk to drive without it, because it may lead to high fees. This also differentiates from a gambler. Therefore, if your permit is in a different language and not in English, its better to get an accurate translation for it. On addition, this permit is slightly larger than your passport.

22 Sep

Places to visit on your road tour with 4×4 car rental Rwanda

The main places to visit on your road tour with 4×4 car rental Rwanda are the historical sites since April 1994. Thousands of additional civilians were killed in the conflict. The historical sites  have been maintained for historical remembrance for Rwanda as a country and for tourism.

Rwanda doesn’t only attract visitors for Gorilla Trekking but also the history of the country. For the road trip, the  places to visit on your road tour include;

  1. Bisesero memorial genocide site.

Its located in Western Rwanda. This was named Bisesero because of its location in that area. Majority of the tourists make stopovers at this site because of its tragic history made in the country. A stairway connects different mass graves located on the top with three houses that keep the bone remains of the victims. Most of them were Abatusti described as people with long noses and were cattle keepers. Around 40,000 people died at this place, this was because they weren’t well equipped. Since the place was rocky, they used stones as their equipment against the Interahamwe militias. Therefore, a few were able to escape.

2. Kigali Memorial genocide centre.

It is one of the largest massacre that is modernized in nature and located in Gasabo district. It consists of gardens in the compound and beautiful flowers.  The Centre’s main structure comprises a museum above the mass graves of more than 200,000 victims of the awful 1994 genocide.

As you enter the museum, the first section is on the genocide and at the end it display of photographs of the victims, their clothing and a handful of skulls, and bones. This site requires strong people due to what is exhibited in the museum. This must not be missed  on your road trip. This memorial center was constructed in 1999.

3. Nyamata Memorial site.

Its based in a former church and consists of  50,000 remains of people. The church walls today show how the perpetrators made holes in the walls of the church. This was to enable the grenades to go through the church.

The ceiling of the church shows the bullet holes. Also the altar cloth easily show how these Tusti were affected stained with blood. Most of the remains have been buried but clothing and identity cards are left. The identity cards were what identified people as either Tutsi or Hutu. To leave no people alive, the neighboring people in the area were killed after the massacre.

4. Ntarama Memorial Site;

Ntarama is located in Bugesera District.  The former Catholic Church of Ntarama converted into a genocide memorial on 14th April 1995. About 5,000 people lost their lives there. Its approximately a one hour drive the Kigali the capital city of Rwanda. This is where the most brutal killings took place. Most of the people used to run to it for refugee but later they were attacked and killed from there.

The refugees locked the iron door with a padlock for protection, however the Interahamwe Hutu Militia broke it and entered with rifles, grenades and machetes. Also the neighbors suffered the horrifying violence.5. Murambi Memorial Centre;

Its located near the town of Murambi in southern Rwanda. The Tutsis were trapped in a church when killings started where they had gone for safety. This was by  bishop and mayor who lured them. The Memorial Centre has a massive grave for approximately 45000 victims that were killed during the genocide. This was a former old technical school. This is a must visit because you will comprehend the 100’s horrors in this place.

19 Aug

Smoking in a car rental

Whereas the rate at which people do smoke has considerably reduced for the past years, more than a billion smokers still exist globally. Because of this, there is a need for one to first understand which policies do govern smoking in a car rental. That said, each car rental company has its own policies that anyone who hires a car must observe.

Car Hire Companies usually do what you think-they hire out a vehicle to people who are in need of them and they come at a fee that is also determined by several policies and restrictions together with differing levels of the quality of the vehicle that is rated by the economy, standard, intermediate and luxury.

Not all car hire is deemed smoke free zones and your car hire terms and conditions are always stipulate that no one is allowed to smoke in car hire. Meaning, unless the local legislation states otherwise, you won’t be breaking any laws by lighting up in car hire. However, what you will be doing is to expose yourself to a potentially huge cleaning bill from the car rental company you will be dealing with and that is why we advise you never to smoke in car hire.

In case you break any of the stipulated terms and you smoke inside the car hire, this won’t only expose you to excess cleaning charges by also cause damage the care either from a cigarette burn or worse of it cause accident and this may render your insurance invalidated for using the vehicle outside what the terms and conditions state hence exposing you to a repair bill that perhaps you never prepared for.

Equally, the same policy applies to e-cigarettes or alternatively make a stopover and do it outside. Despite the fact that e-cigarettes usually never emit the same smoke or lasting smell on car fabrics which could leave you in serious problems, smoking in a car rental-e-cigarette can still lead you to unplanned charges or rather unnecessary distraction.

Another important question that many people usually do ask is whether it is illegal to smoke while driving. Technically, it is illegal for you to do and worse still if you did it while on the road trip were discarding the cigarette butts out of the widow can easily cause wildfires especially during the dry season.

The fact that no car hire company in Uganda allows smoking in their cars, breaking such a significant term means a huge charge to you goes into place as smoke can get just about anywhere. Usually, a car hire agency is in a position to know if you did smoke in a car based on a sniff test.

So in case there is a smell of smoke in the car, this becomes an indicator while others may check for cigarette butts or ashes and once found, you are liable for a charge. In case you need to clean a car rental that has been smoked, alternatively, you will need some labor with a bottle of vinegar/Windex together with ozium and a vacuum.

The other policies that are in line with car hire include a security deposit and in most cases, every car hire company has its mode of payment; others may require you to drop off at a certain point on the premise in that the vehicle can be cross-checked by an associate whereas others may require you to park in the designated spot, remove your property and then you turn the key in.

On the other hand, persons above 21 years are usually eligible to hire a car but this varies from country to country as others allow even those at 18 years and above. Besides, you need a valid government ID that is not expired to hire a car and your ID should have your photo and must valid for the specified car hire period.

Generally, for those of you who are thinking of smoking in car hire, our advice is that simply do not do it! To avoid related charges that come because of smoking in car rental is perhaps to do it elsewhere.